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Zinio CEO Explains Newsstand Downtime

Zinio CEO Rich Maggiotto has posted an open letter apologizing for the digital newsstand being down for several days last week and attributing the problem to "misconfigured operational scripts that took down both core and redundant servers at our datacenter."

Maggiotto says,


For a number of days last week, Zinio's web services were interrupted or offline. We believe that last week's system failure was the result of misconfigured operational scripts that took down both core and redundant servers at our datacenter. The problem severely impaired all secondary processes and repositories. This failure was significant to say the least - it brought down our entire network. Our IT/Ops and Engineering teams worked diligently on a 24/7 basis to restore core web services and bring our stores, processes and delayed content back online.


As the CEO, I hold us to the highest of standards. We failed you. And for that, I deeply apologize. Over the past ten years, many of us, myself included, have poured our souls into building our vision. We have seen rapid growth these past several months. Seeing our hard work offline was emotionally devastating for my team and me. Please know that we know this outage was unacceptable.

At the advent of a new era for reading, an era integrating mobility and exploration into the standard experience, we are committed to turn this experience into tangible progress. This past week we have not only focused on restoring services, but also on reinforcing our infrastructure with more fault-tolerant, redundant servers managed in multiple co-located clusters. We are dedicated to enhancing our infrastructure to both keep up with our rapid global growth and be more resilient to all types of system-related challenges. To this end we have nearly tripled our technology team in the past few months.

We know how much you have become accustomed to the addition of digital reading into your lifestyle. We also know how upsetting it is to feel helpless, not knowing the cause of problems. For that we are truly sorry. Please know customer satisfaction is our reason for existence and we take it very seriously. We hope you will give us a chance to make it right and show you how much we value you.

Source: FolioMag