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08 September 2017

International book fair opens in Moscow

The international book fair, which is considered the biggest one in Russia, opened in Moscow. The forum presents publishers from almost 40 countries: Europe, China, Middle East, Latin and South America. The Belarusian stand is one of the most popular. It presents a copy of the printing press of the 16th century. 500 years ago it was used to create the first printed Bible in the Church Slavonic language by Francis Skorina.

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The teacher's newspaper for the first time will appear in English to the forum City of Education in Moscow

The teacher's newspaper will for the first time issue number in English especially for the forum City of Education which will take place in Moscow with till September.

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The owner of the Russian Forbes Fedotov has announced the planned negotiations on purchase of Conde Nast in the Russian Federation

"I plan to resume negotiations on purchase of Conde Nast Russia, it is interesting to me as a complementary asset to ACMG media holding, at reasonable price of course. I think, in September" — he has told RNS through the representative.

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