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February 2017

28 February 2017

Inside Facebook’s recent product pitch to publishers

Facebook might be looking to mend relationships with media companies concerned over its role in the spread of fake news, but it also wants to reassure them that it has their business concerns top of mind, too.

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27 February 2017

Russia launches website dedicated to flagging ‘fake news’

The Russian foreign ministry this week announced a new part of its website dedicated to flagging media reports that it considers to be “fake news,” in a bid to counter accusations that the Kremlin has been spreading its own disinformation online to meddle with politics in the US and Europe.

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21 February 2017

Russian mail service exposes fraudsters who were sending bricks instead of smartphones

Security service for Russia's post service Pochta Rossii, along with law enforcement officers, exposed activities of online fraudsters who were sending construction bricks to recipients instead of promised smartphones, RAPSI learnt from the Post’s press-service.

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Fashion, politics and feminism: Women’s magazines find new winning formula

The latest issue of Glamour offers up some of the expected glossy-magazine advice for young women: make-up tips for spring and a fashion spread on bold, colorful looks for work and going out at night.

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20 February 2017

Russian Post starts tender for data centre services

Russian Post has announced a tender for data centre services, reports The deal is worth up to RUB 2.6 billion. 

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17 February 2017

Ukraine publishers speak out against ban on Russian books

Ukrainian publishers have reacted angrily to their government’s ban on importing books from Russia, claiming it will create a black market and damage the domestic industry.

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10 February 2017

Inside Time Inc.’s Plan to Save the Newsstand

If print is dying, the newsstand has become something of a retail hospice.

Regular Folio: readers are well aware of the quarterly MagNet reports heralding further gloom for the industry's most troubled distribution channel — with some observers going as far as to blame publishers themselves for hastening the declines — but Drew Wintemberg, recently appointed president of Time Inc. Retail after 15 years as EVP of sales and logistics, believes it doesn't need to be that way.

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09 February 2017

Fake News, Russia and Democracy: What's the Media Industry's Responsibility?

Kent Harrington, a former senior CIA analyst, served as National Intelligence Officer for East Asia, Chief of Station in Asia and CIA's Director of Public Affairs. 

Facts, President John Adams said, are stubborn things.  If Adams had watched the 2016 presidential campaign he might have added, "unless you make up your own."  American elections have never lacked for unfounded claims or accusations generated in the heat of political battle.  But when it comes to outright distortions and falsehoods, the flood of fake news in the 2016 election established, oxymoronically speaking, a new low water mark.

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08 February 2017

How Putin’s ‘false information’ social media campaign could destabilise Europe

IT’S capable of causing widespread harm, but Russia’s latest damaging weapon probably isn’t what you think it is.
European nations are being targeted in a new type of war, one that is already being felt across the continent.

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07 February 2017

Pravda comes to Scotland 'to extend Russian influence in UK'

Pravda, one of the most famous and controversial newspapers in the world, is planning to set up a branch in Edinburgh.

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