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June 2016

09 June 2016

‘Pluralism’ Better Developed in Russian Media Than in US – Ombudsman

According to the ombudsman, this political correctness is not always maintained in Russian media.

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07 June 2016

VK, Russia’s Facebook, just got massively hacked

Imagine if your Facebook password, your email address, and phone number got leaked. Imagine it also happened to 171 million other people at the same time. That would be pretty bad, to say the least, right?

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06 June 2016

Dozens in Russia Imprisoned for Social Media Activity

Anastasia Bubeyeva shows a screenshot on her computer of a picture of a toothpaste tube with the words: "Squeeze Russia out of yourself!" For sharing this picture on a social media site with his 12 friends, her husband was sentenced this month to more than two years in prison, the AP reports.

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03 June 2016

Critical media voices increasingly muted in President Vladimir Putin's Russia

Last month President Vladimir Putin celebrated the 25th anniversary of Russia's largest media company VGTRK — a government-controlled group whose TV channels dominate the media landscape and peddle the message anticipated by authorities.

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02 June 2016

Human Rights Watch: 17 Russian journalists banned in Ukraine

Ukrainian authorities should immediately drop a ban on 17 Russian journalists and protect media freedom, Human Rights Watch said today.

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01 June 2016

Russia Is Winning the Information War

In today’s media, drawing consistent attention takes a particular set of character traits—witness the popularity of Kim Kardashian on Instagram, or DJ Khaled on Snapchat. Their equivalent on the stage of world leaders is undoubtedly Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

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