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March 2016

31 March 2016

60 % of Russians believe that the media are often deceiving

Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation together with ANO "Zadorin’s Sociological Workshop" summed up the research level of media literacy of Russians. The survey showed that 43 % of Russians are media literate, i. e. surf the flow of information in the media and can critically evaluate the content. According to the researchers, the level of media literacy in Russia is growing every year. And if before the Russians trusted media reports, the number of skeptical people to mass media is growing.

The survey involved 1.6 thousand people from 33 regions of the country. Level of media literacy experts evaluated according to three criteria: how confident participants enjoy media devices (a library of books, TV, radio, electronic gadgets, video camera, etc.), are able to critically evaluate the content and how to generate their own information on the web.

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Russian media have "moderate" effect on processes in Latvia

Russia's systemic propaganda poses threat to Latvia's national security in the long term, but last year Russian media's effect on the processes in Latvia was moderate, according to the Latvian Constitutional Protection Bureau's annual report submitted to the government yesterday, informs LETA.

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25 March 2016

Independent Russian Media Firms Respond To NTV Attack

A  group of independent regional media companies in Russia has issued an appeal to the Press Council of Russia asking it to condemn a recent attack story broadcast on the national NTV television channel accusing them of being "indebted" to the U.S. State Department.

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24 March 2016

Berlin Promises Not to Halt Work of Any Russian Media Outlets – Lavrov

The German authorities have assured Moscow that not a single Russian media outlet will have to discontinue its work in Germany, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday.

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23 March 2016

Russian Media Outlets Falsely Accuse Belarusian Brothers of Brussels Attack

On March 14, eight days before the terrorist attacks in Brussels, the Russian media outlet Lifenews reported (archive) that two Belarusian brothers, Ivan and Aleksey Dovbash, and an accomplice, Marat Yunusov, were planning a terrorist attack in Belgium.

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22 March 2016

The Baltic Elves Taking on Pro-Russian Trolls

What at first looked like as a social media grudge match could be a precursor to invasion, war and resistance in the Baltics, Michail Weiss wrote for The Daily Beast.

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18 March 2016

Swedish Secret Service Accuses Russia of 'Psychological War' Using Media

A Swedish security government agency accused Russia of waging information warfare against other countries using media tools.

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17 March 2016

Why the death of former Russian press minister Mikhail Lesin matters

The death of one of Russia’s most influential media figures in Washington, combined with all its mysterious circumstances, led to a great deal of speculation in both Russian and foreign media.

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16 March 2016

Russian deputy culture minister detained on embezzlement charges

Russian state media reported on Tuesday 15 March that Grigory Pirumov, a deputy culture minister, has been detained on embezzlement charges.

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15 March 2016

Govt rejects proposal to ban mentioning terrorists’ religion in mass media

The Russian government has rejected an initiative from the Chechen legislature to ban any mention of terrorists’ religion in mass media, under threat of criminal prosecution and a prison sentence.     

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