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16 November 2015

letter to Lisa Scott

Dear Lisa


As we know, you take a decision to retired PBAA.

On behalf PDA I would like to say thank you for all your support and help that we will receive from you during this years.

You are inherent in a rare combination of organizational talent and professionalism. For 15 years you have to facilitate the exchange of experiences between the two countries.

I would especially like to note that thanks largely to your efforts, organizational talent, RBAA strengthened its credibility and influence in the international arena.

Please accept my sincere wishes of good health, happiness and well-being of a large inexhaustible optimism!

With best wishes


Alexander Oskin

Dmitry Martynov

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Controlled Russian TV Channels Leak Secret Designs Of Nuclear Torpedo

With many analysts believing that the "secret' document was broadcast on objective to show off Russia's nuclear capabilities, Kremlin officials claim the revelation of the submarine was accidental".

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