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03 March 2015

Russians Take to Social Media to Mourn Boris Nemtsov

Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was shot dead late Friday night, just steps away from the Kremlin walls. Since then, his death has become one of the most debated topics among Russian social media users.
On Twitter alone, "#Nemtsov" and "Немцова" soon shot to the top of the list of "trending topics." According to the Topsy data analytics site, almost 5,000 tweets about the politician's death were posted within a single hour on Saturday morning.

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UK media regulator again threatens RT for “bias”: this time, airing “anti-western views”

In 2001, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II used the occasion of the annual “Queen’s Speech” to unveil a new statutory proposal to regulate all media operating in her realm, one provision of which was the creation of the “Office of Communications” (Ofcom) to monitor and punish television outlets which exhibit “bias.”

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