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19 February 2015

Kiosk owners complaints will reach the President

Complaints of the owners of stalls and kiosks, that Moscow officials plan to dismantle this year, will reach the level of the president. The question will be submitted to the State Council to support entrepreneurship in early March.

As previously reported by RBC, the authorities in Moscow plan to remove this year all the stalls, on the purchase of which insisted three years ago. Instead of private kiosks the state owned kiosks will appear in the capital, which the city government is going to rent. The situation, when the entrepreneurs have to close their businesses, do worry the Ministry of Economic Development, the assistant to the Minister Elena Lashkina stated for RBC. "The Ministry of Economic Development received complaints of the businessmen to regulate the scope of non-stationary trade at the level of regions, including Moscow", - she said.

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