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04 February 2015

Moscow Court Upholds Extremism Warning Issued to Ekho Moskvy Radio Station

A Moscow court rejected an appeal Tuesday brought by liberal-leaning radio station Ekho Moskvy against warnings it had received from Russia's media watchdog for what the latter deemed was an "extremist" on-air segment about fighting in Ukraine, the TASS news agency reported.

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"F5" will augment the reality

     The newspaper "F5" is the first one among the Russian printed mass-media which has implemented the augmented reality technologies into its covering.
According to release of "Live!" media group the main theme of the forthcoming (36th) issue of "F5" will become the augmented reality - one of the most incredible technologies, allowing to see differently the world surrounding us.
     Generally the „F5" covering do not require any explanations – it reflects the reality – says Jury Katsman the editor-in-chief „F5" – but this is a special case. Honestly speaking, when the reader gets this issue and sees the covering; the other part of the newspaper will become real but only if the reader make some simple manipulations with it. Everything he needs for this purpose is the computer and the web camera, the connection to the Internet and the newspaper issue".
     It is quite an easy process: the reader will just need to take the 36th issue of "F5" newspaper (the unpacked PDF version will work as well), open the page № 8 where he will find the link which activates a special program, then he will need to click on this link, activate the web camera on his PC and put the covering in front of the camera. 


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