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September 2014

30 September 2014

Russian Post tobe revamped

Not all Russians are happy with Russian Post’s current performance

The government has announced the coming reform last year. A meeting on Russian Post’s strategic growth chaired by the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is going to take place today. The representatives of interested parties will participate in it, including the Deputy Prime Minister ArkadyDvorkovich, the head of the Central Bank  ElviraNabiullina and the General Director of the Russian Post Dmitry Strashnov.

According to RIA Novosti, the strategic goals are to transform Russian Post into profitable and service oriented organization. Theexpectedbudgetis 130.9 billionrubles. Rebranding of the Russian Post is also expected.




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29 September 2014

The State Duma requested the inspection of Yandex Ukrainian service by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor)

The legislators believe that the news published on demonstrate Anti-Russian sentiment, unacceptable for the websites owned by domestic companies

VadimDengin (LDPR), the deputy chairman of the Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications Committee, says that the activity of the Ukrainian version of the popular search engine ( be reviewed by both Yandex and Roskomnadzor. The deputy is discontent with the fact that the news aggregation by Yandex Ukrainian portal allows users to see the materials demonstrating Anti-Russian sentiment; which, in his opinion, is not acceptable for a website owned by a Russian company, even if it is registered in Netherlands.


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26 September 2014

Internet companies will be banned to store data of Russians abroad

The State Duma adopted in the first reading of a bill requiring online services to store the data of Russian citizens on the territory of our country.

Yesterday the State Duma adopted in the first reading of amendments made by member of the Parliament Vadim Dengin to the law on information, that require all Internet companies to store data for all users on Russian servers in Russia. The project was supported by 342 deputies, or 76% of all present. And opposed by only nine people.

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25 September 2014

About a quarter of the Muscovites do not read local newspapers for free - survey

23% of Muscovites do not read free local newspapers, while 38% just browse them. This is according to a survey conducted by the "Public Opinion" Endownment.

According to the study, complimentary newspapers are delivered to mailboxes of 79% of Muscovites, 16% do not receive them, the remaining 4% were undecided.

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24 September 2014

Killer of US journalist Foley ‘could be British’ – UK PM

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said that the person involved in the beheading of US journalist James Foley looked “increasingly likely” to be a British citizen, though the man has not been identified.

“We have not identified the individual responsible on the video but from what we've seen it looks increasingly likely that it is a British citizen. Now this is deeply shocking,” Cameron told reporters on Wednesday.

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22 September 2014

«Ukrpochta" ceases to carry Ukrainian magazines and newspapers in Simferopol

"Ukrpochta" stated that the Customs Service of the Russian Federation refuses to take printed periodicals from Ukraine on the territory of the Crimean peninsula.

This was reported on the official website of the national postal operator in Ukraine, reports the correspondent

"In particular, one of these days one of the cars of "Ukrpochta", executing a main postal route Kiev - Simferopol and carrying printed periodicals, at the entrance to the Crimean peninsula was stopped by officials of the Customs Service of the Russian Federation and after the customs control was returned back, because of "forbidden importation of printed periodicals in the territory of the Republic of Crimea", - was said in a statement.

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17 September 2014

Publishers have lost 12% of advertising revenues

In the first half of the year the national press advertising revenues declined by 12% to 10.8 billion rubles, calculated the analytical center "Video International" (AC Vi). The falling of the advertising market is forcing publishers to optimize their portfolios: over the last eight months more than two dozen newspapers and magazines already had been closed.

In June, the advertising revenue of the central press publishers declined by 13.5% to 1.5 billion rubles without VAT, was indicated in the last report of AC Vi, published on its website. In May felt by 19.1% to 1.7 billion rubles, in April - 12.5 to 2.3 billion rubles.

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12 September 2014

Read Russia Prize global shortlist announced

Moscow, August 2014—The Read Russia Prize’s organizational committee has announced the Read Russia Prize’s global shortlist of 17 translators and translations of Russian literature into other languages worldwide. The competition, open to works published between 2014 and 2012, received 112 nominations from 16 countries around the world: Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, China, France, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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08 September 2014

Moscow district councils expect from Moscow city authorities a clarification about the future of the press kiosks

"The situation around the stalls of the press in Moscow, has deteriorated", - was said in a statement of Press Distributors Association yesterday. According to the organization, last week the district council of Strogino held a meeting for entrepreneurs of small retail trade, where it was declared that if the Department of metropolitan media and advertising will not decide about the future of the press kiosks before September 1, distributors will be required within three days after the trade agreements for placing objects, to remove them from the area.

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03 September 2014

MIA is ready to spend 4 million rubles for hacking anonymous Tor network

Scientific and Production Association "Special equipment and communication" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation placed procurement bid on it’s site  to host the competition, called "Research of the possibility of obtaining technical information about users (user equipment) of TOR anonymous network",  cipher "TOP (Navy)" .

Cost of works 3.9 million rubles.

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