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January 2014

31 January 2014

Hearst Establishes Health Division

Hoping to elevate its presence in the healthcare information marketplace, the Hearst Corporation, which has operated in the sector since 1980, launched Hearst Health, a subsidiary of Hearst Business Media, on Monday.

The five healthcare information companies now consolidated under the Hearst Health umbrella include pharmaceutical database publisher First Databank (FDB), Zynx Health, a clinical decision support solutions company, MCG Health (previously Milliman Care Guidelines), which produces best practices for health systems and insurance companies, homecare and hospice market software-as-solutions provider Homecare Homebase and the Web-based Map of Medicine patient care comparison system.

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29 January 2014

Press Distributors Are Asking The City Government For Help

Organization, uniting the press distributors, urges the Mayor to intervene in the relations of the Moscow Metro and the owners of the objects of press trade.

Press Distributors Association (PDA) sent a letter to the Mayor, asking authorities to intervene in the relations of the Moscow Metro and the owners of the objects of press trade and provide preferential treatment for space rent.

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28 January 2014

A Retailer Asks Publishers What They Will do About Newsstand Challenges

The following is an email The New Single Copy received from Rebecca Clark, senior category manager, WalMart Canada.

I've just finished reading the 1/20/14 issue of The New Single Copy, in particular the article entitled "Facing up to the Difficult Challenges of the Newsstand." The article outlines two particular challenges: 

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23 January 2014

Google Launches AdSense Direct with Small Publishers in Mind

On Tuesday, Jan. 21 Google introduced AdSense Direct, an ad solution for publishers looking to initiate their own direct ad sales.

Publishers will need to establish their own deals with advertisers, but once they do the transaction is as simple as sharing a link.

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21 January 2014

Capital New York to Introduce Monthly Print Magazine

Capital New York, the Politico sibling that covers politics and media in New York, is rolling out a small monthly print magazine starting this month, according to parent company Allbritton Communications.

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17 January 2014

AOL Partners to Unload Patch

In what CEO Tim Armstrong is calling a “pivot,” AOL finally decided to unload Patch, a costly and ultimately unsuccessful network of 900 nationwide hyper-local news sites, in a new limited liability company with Hale Global, an investment company known to take on and turn around troubled technology businesses.

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13 January 2014

Russian journalists celebrate Day of printed editions

Today, 13th of January, Russian journalists are celebrating Day of printed editions 211 years after the first newspaper of their country – Peter the Great’s “Vedomosti” – came off print.

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10 January 2014

Russia! Magazine Releases Illustrated Guide to Dark PR

Organizing protests against false claims of environmental damage, lawsuits on spurious grounds, counterproductive support by the LGBT community are just some of the methods of "softening up" the opposition covered in an illustrated "handbook" on dark PR published by Russia! magazine, an independent quarterly publication. The 12-page guide has been sent to major business media worldwide and has been posted online.

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09 January 2014

Open Ending: Russia’s literary scene in 2013

Russia's most memorable books and literary events of 2013 examine the passage of history. The year's three most acclaimed novels are explorations of the country's past and future, while literary projects focus on preserving cultural heritage and the fate of Russian literature.

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