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November 2013

29 November 2013

The press prices were risen in the third quarter of 2013 up to 3%

For the third quarter of 2013 prices for printed products again rose more than for other goods. According to Rosstat, consumer prices for goods and services compared to the previous quarter increased by 1.1% since the beginning of this year, their growth was 4.63 %. The growth of the retail prices for the press has exceeded this value almost 3 times and was 3% from July to September, and since the beginning of the year - 5%.

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26 November 2013

Google Play Newsstand for Android, an Antidote to Flipboard?

Wednesday, Google launched its latest content-aggregation app for Android--Google Play Newsstand. The app combines elements from Google Play Magazines and Google Currents to create one hub for news and information.

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25 November 2013

Replacing the press kiosks threatens press distribution system

The metropolitan press distributors appealed to the commission on economic policy, science and industry of Moscow City Duma in connection with the critical situation created after the publication of the plans of the Department of media and advertising on replacing the newsstands in 2014.Distributors claim that the proposed measures could destroy the media distribution system in the city.

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22 November 2013

"Hasty replacing of press kiosks with the French model threatens the press distributors and publishers", - Dmitry Martynov, president of PDA, Part II

- Julia Kazakova indicates in her interview, that today a significant amount of press objects idle in Moscow. Is that right? What are the reasons?

- Indeed, in large metropolitan networks around 15-20 % of the objects are permanently or temporarily idle. Leaving aside administrative reasons, when kiosks were just brought in one place, as happened in the South-West in the metro Konkovo, where several stalls from different parts of Moscow were brought up to one place, the main reason will be the economics. Which ultimately is expressed by the absence of sellers. People just avoid to work in the press kiosks because of low salaries. And it is not always possible to pay more money - just in cases, when the  kiosk is located through passage areas, entrance locations close to public transport. In all other cases, especially in residential areas, the revenue of stalls is small and does not allow the vendors to pay a decent salary.

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21 November 2013

With the implementation of the Moscow government plans of reformatting the stalls, that will make their owners tenants

Moscow government plans to replace the press kiosks are a threat to the capital distributors of printed media. This was written in a statement of  Alexei Fedotov, CEO "The Metropolitan press" which is one of the largest players in this market to the Moscow City Duma. According to the forecasts of the Association of Press Distributors (PDA), sales of the press in Moscow will decrease by 30-40 %.

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20 November 2013

The Atlantic Spins Off, Relaunches The Wire

The Atlantic Wire, previously a content product closely aligned to The Atlantic, has been spun off as an independent brand called The Wire. The site, which aggregates and reports on the latest news, is taking a chapter out of other standalone brands that have launched out of Atlantic Media, such as Quartz and Defense One.

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19 November 2013

Medvedev criticized the "Russian Post"

At a meeting on the development strategy of "Russian Post” before 2023 The Prime Minister pointed out, that the national carrier is in an extremely difficult situation.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev criticized the Russian Post", noting that the national carrier is currently in a very difficult situation: an imperfect system of management, manual mail processing and low wages.

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13 November 2013

Allrecipes Print Magazine Debuts

Meredith launched its previously announced Allrecipes print magazine today, a bimonthly, with a $4.99 cover price and a $12 one-year subscription.

A 500,000 rate base was set based on the strength of a test issue in the spring, which yielded 400,000 subscriptions in two weeks, a spokesperson says.

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12 November 2013

Forbes Licenses Contributor Network Platform to ALM

Turning "digital dimes" into meaningful revenue requires scale. That reality has many content creators looking to contributor networks to generate ad inventory.

The Huffington Post and Vox Media are two that have done it in different ways, along with Business Insider and Glam Media. So has Forbes.

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08 November 2013

The results of the survey "What kind of devices do you prefer to receive news information?"

We publish the results of a regular survey conducted online on

Each of the surveys is carried out within one to two weeks, after which the voting results are summarized. We bring you the results of a survey conducted on the topic : “What kind of devices do you prefer to receive news information?”.

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