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December 2012

26 December 2012

Our colleagues congratulate us_Carlos Simo

Muchas gracias por vuestra felicitación , desde Bilbao os deseamos muchas felicidades , y que el 2013 sea muchísimo mejor que este que ya termina . Un abrazo para Oskin y Martinov

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Our colleagues congratulate us_David_owen

Dear Dmitry and Alexander,

Поздравляю вас с Новым Годом!

I hope we get a chance to meet again in 2013 but in the meantime please accept my best wishes for a happy Christmas to you and your families.

Kind regards


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Our colleagues congratulate us_Lisa Scott

Dear Maxim,
Please extend best wishes for a happy Christmas, and good health and business success in 2013 to Mr. Oskin, Mr. Martynov, and our friends at the PDA.
Lisa Scott

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Our colleagues congratulate us_David Cooke

Dmitry, Alexander

Many thanks for your note and the same to you

Best wishes

David Cooke

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Our colleagues congratulate us_José Manuel Anta

Dear friends,

Merry Christmas for all my friends of PDA and Logos Group, and a wonderful 2013 full of joy and dreams come true.

All the best,

José Manuel Anta

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21 December 2012

Moscow Transport authorities dangerous initiative

PDA received an information about another initiative of Moscow Department of Transportation and Development of road and transport infrastructure. It’s about a program of measures to increase the capacity of the road network as a part of the Municipal Programme “For the development of the transport system of the city" and the resolution of the Government of Moscow from September 6, 2011 № 413-PP "On the formation of the transport hubs in the city of Moscow."

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19 December 2012

Domashny Ochag Festival

The Sixth Domashny Ochag family festival was a huge success. Held on December 7-9 at the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val, the event drew approximately 25,000 visitors and the participation of more than 100 companies. IKEA, the Domashny television channel, Dacha radio and the Internet portal served as partners to the festival.

Per tradition, the festival space was divided into several sectors: beauty, home, kitchen, children, Vkusno i Polezno (Tasty and Wholesome) and a souvenir shop. Participating companies conducted interactive programs at their booths that included workshops, quizes, talks, food tasting, product sampling, contests, raffles and much more.

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14 December 2012

National Geographic Russia Opens Exhibition

National Geographic Russia and the Russian Geographic Society with support from the BonAqua company present the “Wildlife of Russia” photo exhibition featuring the best submissions from the eponymous contest. The works will be on display from Dec. 11 through Jan. 13 at the Lumiere Brothers Photography Center at 3 Bolotnaya Naberezhnaya, Bldg. 1, in Moscow.

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13 December 2012

Sharing is not caring: FTC probes app providers for revealing kids’ personal data

Parents need to think twice before letting kids use apps on their portable devices, as it may reveal youngsters geolocation along with other data which can later be shared with third parties, FTC warned as it seeks to crack down on the practice.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that 6 out of 10 apps surveyed in the report share collected data about a user's mobile device with other developers, advertising networks, analytics companies and other third parties without parental consent. The data includes such personal information as device ID, geolocation, and the user’s phone number.

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12 December 2012

Magazine Closures Down 50 Percent

Magazine closures were down nearly 50 percent from last year, while launches declined 5 percent, according to a recent report released by online periodicals database

Only 82 magazines shut down in 2012, compared with 152 in 2011. Conversely, 227 magazines opened, down slightly from the 239 launched last year.

Focusing on the second half of 2012, volume slowed on both ends as 34 magazines closed and 94 began publication.

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