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04 July 2012

A Dramatic Change in the Russian Media Landscape: Yandex Displaces Pervy Kanal as the Most Visited Outlet

As Russia has grown much wealthier over the past decade, Russians have started using the internet in ever-greater numbers. The pace of this change has picked up noticeably over the past few years, and it would appear that Russia has reached a sort of “tipping point” in terms of internet penetration. Not everyone is one the internet, but a very large segment of society is and this group is large, wealthy, and self-confident to an extent that it can increasingly drive the conversation. The days when state-run television networks such as Pervy Kanal, Rossia, and NTV totally and utterly dominated the media landscape, and when the opposition had to content itself with a few small-circulation newspapers and the Echo Moskvy radio station, are over. More importantly, unless the Kremlin launches a truly draconian internet crackdown, they aren’t coming back.

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