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December 2011

29 December 2011

Russian paper newspapers and magazines are not dying out just yet

Experts keep talking about the future of traditional newspapers and magazines. Their predictions are both right and wrong. In my opinion, a twist on Mark Twain’s famous quote would explain it the best: the reports of the death of newspapers have been greatly exaggerated.

Inevitably, electronic mass media, the wide spread of the Internet, etc make journalists question the future of the traditional media. For example, the chief editor of "Komsomolskaya Pravda", Vladimir Sungorkin, predicts that there is going to be only one newspaper in every city.

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27 December 2011

The Atlantic Has Second Profitable Year in a Row

The Atlantic has some milestones to celebrate as it heads into the holiday season. The brand is reporting gains across all of its platforms—print, digital and live events—for the fourth quarter and full year, carrying it into its second profitable year in a row.

According to the company, digital ad revenue will be up 40 percent for the year and print ad revenue will edge up 2 percent. The events group, AtlanticLIVE, which includes the Aspen Ideas Festival, will post a 19 percent revenue increase over last year. 

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26 December 2011

Ziff Davis Enterprise Debuts Live Digital Event for Tablet, Smartphone and Web Consumption

Ealier this month, Ziff Davis Enterprise [ZDE] completed a significant step in its OmniDigital strategy, rolled out earlier this year. The publisher’s IBM-sponsored December 13 eSeminar, “Building a Smarter Enterprise Social Media Strategy”, was available for live viewing on tablets, smartphones and desktop browsers.

This soft launch precedes ZD’s all-digital conversion for its full product portfolio in 2012 (including webcasts, apps and magazines).

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23 December 2011

What To Do With “The Tablet Revolution”

In order to see where U.S. adults fell in the conversion spectrum, the Economist Group partnered with the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism to conduct a digital behavioral survey in summer 2011.

Paul Rossi, managing director and EVP, Americas for the Economist Group, says, “The motivation for us to do the survey was that we believe digital is the single biggest thing to impact magazines since paper. We recognize that there’s a change happening in reading, and we wanted to understand what that meant in the marketplace; not just for The Economist, but to open up people’s thinking about what was happening with digital reading [overall].”

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22 December 2011

Financial Times Web App Gains One Million Registrants

Financial Times reaches yet another milestone, now boasting one million registrants for its native web app. launched in June, after FTdecided to go without Apple for its subscription-based app offering.

This number largely contributes to theFinancial Times’ overall mobile and tablet traffic, with gaining 20 percent of its page views and 15 percent of new b-to-c subscriptions each week from these devices.

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21 December 2011

TIME to Relaunch Style & Design Supplement in March 2012

After shuttering the supplement 18 months ago,TIME is relaunching Style & Design in 2012. The revamped version, to be led by TIME managing editor Rick Stengel and edited/curated by TIMEstaff, will debut with the March 26th issue of TIME [see mock cover, pictured].

TIME worldwide publisher Kim Kelleher tells FOLIO: about the closure of Style & Design, “I understand the decision was a painful one – the supplement was very successful, and had a strong following internally. It was a separate division in the TIME team. Interestingly, it wasn’t as much of a straight financial decision, as it was a 'tightening of the belt' decision. We didn’t know how long the economic downturn was going to last.”

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20 December 2011

Spanfeller Media to Launch Active Lifestyle Site

Spanfeller Media Group, owner of The Daily Meal, will launch its second vertical content site in the new year. Currently under the working title eKADIA, the active lifestyle site will be led by editorial director John Rasmus. The publishing vet is a former editor of Outside magazine; a founding editor of Men’s Journal; and the founding editor-in-chief of National Geographic Adventure.

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19 December 2011

Reader's Digest Association Cuts 150 Jobs Worldwide

Reader’s Digest Association has eliminated 150 positions across all of its business groups worldwide, with half the cuts affecting jobs in the U.S. and the other half international. All of the affected employees have been notified and will leave the company by year’s end, according to a Reader’s Digest spokesperson.

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16 December 2011

Magazine Launches Up 23.8 Percent in 2011

The number of magazines launched in 2011 jumped 23.8 percent, from 193 to 239, compared to 2010, according to magazine database Meanwhile, the number of closures fell 13.6 percent, from 176 in 2010 to 152 this year.

Like last year, the food category saw the biggest gains, with 25 new titles joining the 28 from last year. Also like last year, regional magazines followed with the second-highest number of launches, at 20, though the category also saw the largest number of closures, with 21 titles folding.

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14 December 2011

No More Adobe Flash for Mobile Browsers

As HTML5 gradually becomes the standard for mobile content interactivity on the Web, Adobe's Flash platform is on its way out as a mobile browser experience. Adobe confirmed as much in a blog post today following ZDNet's scoop that the company was pulling the plug on Flash Player development for browsers on mobile devices.

You'll recall that Apple famously snubbed Adobe by deciding not to support Flash in its iOS, instead pinning future development growth on the emerging HTML5 standard for its open, rather than proprietary, development support. As of now, Adobe has for the most part come around to the same conclusion.

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