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March 2011

30 March 2011

Newspaper kiosks have to be modified

Print media distributors proposed to change the design of new newspaper kiosks proposed by the Moscow City Architecture Committee.
The design of newspaper kiosks (that will be installed in Moscow according to the new allocation plan) was discussed at the Press Distributors Association (PDA) meeting.
In particular, the PDA Government Relations Committee

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29 March 2011

St. Petersburg authorities are interfering with the distribution of Fair Russia party newspaper

The member of the State Duma and local leader of the Socialist-Revolutionary party, Oksana Dmitrieva, told “Echo Petersburg” that police detains party's supporters who distribute the party newspaper (particularly around the Avtovo subway station) and illegally confiscate copies of the publication:
“I sent an inquiry to the heads of the St. Petersburg law enforcement agencies. We ask

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25 March 2011


Dear Friends in this section we will publish diferent analytics & studies about Russian press market.

PDA President’s report on the VII press distributors’ roundtable (2012)


Anual report Federal Agency for the Press and Mass Communications "Russian Periodical Press Market, Situation, Trends and Prospects" 2010


Anual report Federal Agency for the Press and Mass Communications "Russian Periodical Press Market, Situation, Trends and Prospects" 2008


Anual report Federal Agency for the Press and Mass Communications "Russian Periodical Press Market, Situation, Trends and Prospects" 2005


Review of the Russian media scene 2006 (TNS Russia)


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About us

The Press Distributors Association (PDA) of Russia


The Press Distributors Association (PDA) is one of the oldest public mass-media organizations in Russia. The Association was founded on July 16, 1995 as a voluntary non-profit nongovernmental structure and was registered on September 3, 1996.

The Association brings together press distributors, publishers and others who involved in media business. The PDA members work with more than 2500 customers all over Russia and the CIS countries.

Main Objectives

  • Professional interests protection of distributors and publishers of periodicals in Russia and CIS countries.
  • Formation in Russia of the civilized pressmarket and its distribution system.
  • The PDA member coordination for the distribution of media and other printed products.


The supreme governing body of the Association is the general meeting. The executive bodies that manage the activities of the Association are the President and the Board of the Association. The PDA President is Mr. Dmitry Martynov. The Chairman of the Board is Mr. Alexander Oskin. The Executive Director is Ms. Yanina Polukhovich.


Membership in the Association is voluntary and individual. ARPP members can be Russian and foreign citizens and legal entities, creative unions of journalists, workers of culture and art, research centers engaged in marketing, sociological, economic and other research of the media market, commercial and non-profit organizations interested in expanding and improving the market of production and periodicals distribution.

The PDA members are the leading distribution companies of periodical printed media, as well as the major publishers of newspapers and magazines. Currently, the Association consists of more than one hundred capital and regional companies, operating on whole territory of the Russian Federation and in CIS and foreign countries.

PDA Partners

The Press Distributors Association constantly and successfully cooperates with the governmental, public and professional organizations and structures, including: Committees of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, The Council of the Federation, Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for Press and Mass Media, Moscow City Duma, Department for Media and Advertising of Moscow, Department of Trade and Services of Moscow, Alliance of Independent Regional Publishers, Alliance of Heads Russian Regional Media, Baltic Press, Guild of Press Publishers, NP "Soyuzpechat", National Publishers Association, Russian Journalists Union, Moscow Journalists Union, Distripress.


  • Studying of the printed products market trends.
  • Informational, scientific-methodical, organizational and other assistance to distributors of printed media.
  • Promotion the development and implementation of promising projects aimed at creating a progressive system of Distribution of printed products.
  • Cooperation with the social and political organizations of the country and its separate regions for the purpose of realization and protection of political, economic and other rights of the members, as well as the rights of citizens to freely receive printed products permitted by applicable law.
  • Development and strengthening of international relations in the sphere of media distribution, to create conditions for the exchange of best practices in this field, the entry into international printed media distribution organizations.

The Press Distributors Association acts as organizer of seminars, round tables and conferences for representatives of the media community on topical issues of the industry, as well as taking part in activities organized by the executive authorities of the federal and regional levels, it is a partner of a number of industry professional contests and prizes.

Contact us

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Moskva, ulica Tverskaja, dom 20, stroenie 3, kabinet 25

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel.: +7 (916) 706-31-52 13

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Dmitry Martynov
President of the Press Distributors Association
Dmitry Martynov is President of the Press Distributors Association, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), and a member of the Russian Academy of Business as well as the New York Academy of Sciences. Mr. Martynov is actively involved in modernizing and improving print media market in Russia. He is the author of several books and articles on the print media market.







Alexander Oskin
Chairman of Press Distributors Association
Alexander Oskin is Chairman of Press Distributors Association Board of Directors. Mr. Oskin is the founder and first president of the Press Distributors Association as well as the Guild of Periodical Publications Publishers. He is a member of the Russian Journalist Union and has a Ph.D. in Economics. Mr. Oskin is the author of several books and articles on the print media market.

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24 March 2011

Harper’s Bazaar – 15 Years in Russia

Harper’s Bazaar is celebrating its 15th anniversary in Russia. For the first time ever, all of Harper’s Bazaar’s previous editors-in-chief have come together to tell the story of the magazine and to relate for readers what past times were like.

Natalya Vodyanova talks about her plans for the future in a special interview with Harper’s Bazaar, and columnists

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22 March 2011

Online advertising is thriving in Russia

The Russian online advertising market grew by 42% in 2010. Experts point out that the contextual advertising market continues to grow while traditional media advertising market continues to decline.

In 2010, the online advertising market in Russia recorded the greatest growth (42%) among the developed countries as well as in BRIC (China - 35%, in

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21 March 2011

Harper’s Bazaar Invited Partners to Business Breakfast

Harper’s Bazaar invited its advertising partners to the Bazaar Breakfast at the Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow on March 17. The business breakfast was dedicated to the 15th anniversary of Harper’s Bazaar in Russia.

Sanoma Independent Media CEO Elena Myasnikova outlined the main trends and the current state of the Russian market for glossy magazines, emphasizing that

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17 March 2011

Newsstands might be relocated to courtyards

The Moscow Department of Trade and Services ordered to keep all the existing newspaper kiosks. However, the Press Distributors Association is concerned that two thirds of the newsstands can be relocated from busy streets to courtyards under the pretence of easing the traffic. Print media distributors are afraid of losing customers; meanwhile the Moscow authorities are promising to give all the bus stop kiosks to them.

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