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Popular Mechanics on the Discovery Channel

The "Technology with Sergei Apresov" program premieres June 3 on the Discovery Channel. For the first time in the channel’s history, the program host will be Russian: Popular Mechanics editor-in-chief Sergei Apresov.

In explaining their choice for program host, a Discovery Channel representative said, "Sergei has an excellent understanding of technology and, as a talented storyteller, he


«Mail of Russia» - elephant, octopus or cuttlefish?

On May 23, 2011, almost the first time in the history of interaction between the regional publishing houses and "Post of Russia" held a truly constructive dialogue. The event, organized by the ARS-Press, was held in the Public Chamber on Miusskaya Square in Moscow. The seminar titled "Prospects for the development of relations between the regional media publishers and FGUP’s affiliates "Russian Post" has collected more than thirty regions. By mail at the event arrived Head of Directorate of Commercial Operations FGUP "Russian Post "Denis Vasilevsky and FGUP Head subscription Olga Knyaseva.


"The Seventh Continent" conducts shock action for suppliers

As it became known to RBC daily, the capital retailer "Seventh Continent" compels suppliers to participate in "Shock-price" action. The network has decided to sell customers products with the lowest price tag in the city at the expense of counterparts who are forced to sign supply contracts with a discount of up to 50%. In case of refusal to participate in the rally suppliers threaten the withdrawal of goods from the shops "Seventh Continent".

Two suppliers  of "Seventh Continent" explained RBC daily, that since early May participate in "Shock-price" action, which involves selling goods


Irina Chernolutskaya, the Press express: There is a monopolization of the market of distribution of the press in Vladivostok

«The big cleaning», declared by the authorities of Vladivostok, proceeds. For May holidays from city streets it has been liquidated more than 120 press kiosks and the pavilions trading in the press, drinks, bread and tobacco. Demolition continues to this day. The portal PlanetaSMI.RU has already wrote how such measures of officials have affected Open Company "Press-Express" work. Unfortunately not the joyful news has come from Primorski region.

The portal PlanetaSMI.RU has addressed to the general director of "Press-


Vedomosti newspaper website is implementing a paywall

News articles on the Vedomosti website will be available by subscription only starting May 30th.
The Vedomosti newspaper retails for about 30 rubles, subscriber pays about 17 rubles per issue, mobile application user about 15 rubles. Current subscribers of the paper version will be able to access the newspaper online at a reduced rate.