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Mamas&Papas: 2 for the Price of One

The October issue of Mamas&Papas turns out to be unusual and very useful: For the first time, it consists of two separate volumes and contains information not only about children, from newborn to age 7, but also about pregnancy and childbirth. What’s more, the magazine offers two calendars: The first helps parents have fun with their children under 2 years old, and the second offers ideas of places to visit with older children.


Moscow officials are not rushing newspaper kiosk owners to get new kiosks

According to the spokesman for the Moscow Department of Mass Media and Advertising, Vladimir Yakovlev, newspaper kiosk owners do not need to rush into signing contracts to replace the existing kiosks as of September 15th.

It was reported earlier that the Moscow district councils sent the new contracts to the print media distributors. The contracts  require the print media distributors to replace the existing kiosks with the ones approved by the Moscow City Architecture Committee.


Free iPad Version of Cosmopolitan

Thanks to support from Fa, GlissKur and PerfectMouse, the October iPad version of Cosmopolitan is available at no charge. This offer only applies to readers of the iPad version.

The special anniversary October issue of Cosmopolitan will brighten up your gloomy autumn days. The 200th issue is a star-studded hit of the season. Beyonce, Emma Watson, Ksenia Sobchak, Semyon Slepakov and other celebrities share their secrets and plans for the future. In fact, users can do more than just read the interviews — they can watch them, too. Readers of the iPad version of Cosmopolitan will hear and see special tips in exclusive video footage.


Vedomosti Updated Its iPad App

For those people who need constant access to quality business information in all circumstances, Vedomosti offers an enhanced version of its application for the iPad.

The application already offers the latest issue of the newspaper, round-the-clock news updates, stock quotes, Central Bank exchange rates, prices for metals, oil and real estate, photo galleries, videos and a reference guide to companies and personnel — and now makes it possible to read the news even without access to the Internet.


Cosmopolitan Advertising Campaign

In honor of the release of the 200th issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, the "Cosmopolitan: It’s Worth a Try!" advertising campaign kicked off on Sept. 13.

The magazine launched a new advertising concept in spring this year. The campaign, "Cosmopolitan: It’s Worth a Try!" was a major event in the Russian print media, and the new slogan and image made it possible for Cosmopolitan to retain its leadership position among glossy publications.