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Newspaper kiosks may turn into comprehensive stores

In the Press Distributors Association’s (PDA) opinion, the newspaper kiosks may start selling digital content as well as include online order pick up points, payment terminals, and other services in the future. These changes will help make newspaper kiosks more profitable. Nowadays a chain of newspaper kiosks will take at least 10 years to pay for itself.


"According to experts, about 60% of newspaper and magazine circulations (excluding subscriptions and free publications) are sold through newspaper kiosks in Russia," - it says in the document drafted by the PDA. The document authors believe that Russia’s traditional newspaper kiosks should be turned into comprehensive multimedia stores that will provide a wide range of  socially important services such as payment terminal, info booth with visual and audio equipment, interactive map; will be able to distribute audio and video content via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi; as well as become online order pick up points, provide courier services, etc. These stores should be at least 10-12 sq m retail building that customers can enter; as well as have at least a thousand different titles of newspapers, magazines, books, etc.


Newspaper kiosks are going through hard times not only in Saratov but also in Baku, Tbilisi and Kiev

The future of newspaper kiosks in Russia (with the exception of Moscow and St. Petersburg) does not look good. All throughout the country, from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad, the newspaper kiosks are being demolished. Recently, Saratov mayor, Mr. Grishchenko, has terminated all contracts with "Rospechat" (the major retail distributor of newspapers, magazines and books).


The press distribution system of the city will be destroyed. 11 newspaper kiosks have already been eliminated. This will result in   the company losing money, paying less taxes as well as possibly laying off 200 employees. The Saratov branch of the Journalist Union of Russia issued a statement: demolition of newspaper kiosks will make it harder for the residents to access the print media which in turn violates their rights; with the presidential elections around the corner, the information available to citizens is being censored, independent mass media and journalists are being pressured.


Rospechat Newspaper Kiosks will not be demolished in Chelyabinsk

It was reported mid-December that 89 Rospechat newspaper kiosks were going to be demolished in Chelyabinsk.

According to the Chelyabinsk legal department, those reports were incorrect. City Hall together with the Committee on Property Management and Land Affairs filed only one claim asking to remove Rospechat newspaper kiosk located at 65 3rd International street. The claim was filed because the kiosk is located in the area where road construction is taking place.


Vedomosti Circulation Certified

The KPMG company audited the circulation of the Vedomosti business newspaper and Vedomosti Friday supplement.

The publications have an officially confirmed Moscow circulation of 50,200 copies.

Sharing is not caring: FTC probes app providers for revealing kids’ personal data

Parents need to think twice before letting kids use apps on their portable devices, as it may reveal youngsters geolocation along with other data which can later be shared with third parties, FTC warned as it seeks to crack down on the practice.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that 6 out of 10 apps surveyed in the report share collected data about a user's mobile device with other developers, advertising networks, analytics companies and other third parties without parental consent. The data includes such personal information as device ID, geolocation, and the user’s phone number.