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The small retailers are going online

Yesterday, in a video uploaded to Youtube the representatives of small and medium-sized retail businesses from many Russian cities, told President Dmitry Medvedev and the entire Internet community that if they are not allowed to sell beer and cigarettes, they will lose their business. The initiative belongs to kioskers from Izhevsk and Udmurt who took the trouble to go round the colleagues across the country and to record a collective appeal.


Kiosks on Pushkin Street in Izhevsk will be removed

Opora Russia and Udmurt regional organization that looks after the interests of small and medium-sized businesses had a meeting with Alexander Prozorov, the first deputy of Izhevsk administration. The future of kiosks located near by the transit stops on Pushkin Street was discussed at the meeting.

According to the city officials and some townsmen, kiosks are a thing of the past. The complaints regarding kiosks’ failure to comply with health and safety regulations as well as their trade regulation violations often come from the public.


Why does the presidential candidate, Vladimir Putin, want to make media assets independent form the state corporations?

Putin’s though process makes sense, except it is too little too late. Our state-owned corporations have been managing a lot of industries on behalf of the government. As a result, many of these industries are faced with huge losses.

State-owned corporations’ huge salaries, multi-million dollar bonuses for their top managers, lavish corporate parties as well as multiple sports teams are all to blame.


Inedible bonuses

It seemed like the non-food retailers had a significant advantage over retailers selling food items for the past two years. The non-food retailers were not subject to the retail law provisions that prohibit to charge suppliers any bonuses other than the volume ones. But the Federal Antimonopoly Service is now after non-food vendors as well.


The convenience store chain Good News has new partwork series available

The convenience store chain Good News has a wide range of partwork series available for purchase. There are 37 different partwork series: anything from the history ones to the ones for kids.

Publishing House Burda, one of the leading publishers and suppliers of printed materials, and the convenience store chain Good News have enjoyed mutually beneficial relationship for years. Partwork series have become an integral part of the Good News merchandise selection.