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Russian official made death threats to journalist in forest, claims newspaper

A top Russian official summoned a journalist to a one-on-one meeting in a forest and threatened to personally arrange his killing, according to one of the country's leading newspapers.



TV guide market: new trends

TV guide market was growing faster than the rest of the print media market up until 2012. During the first 4 months of 2012 it has been displaying the same 7% growth as the rest of the industry though.


7th Moscow international book festival to open today

The 7th Moscow international book festival is due to kick off in the Russian capital this Saturday.


Number of kiosks has decreased in Moscow

Number of kiosks has decreased in the North-Eastern and Eastern parts of Moscow by 40% and 30% respectively as a result of the Moscow mayor’s initiative to regulate kiosk retail.

The kiosks that had been distracting car and pedestrian traffic were removed. New location plan and kiosk design were developed. There are going to be 9.6 thousand kiosks in the city according to the new plan: 6.4 thousand existent kiosks and 3.2 thousand new ones.



The reporter of, Tula’s city portal, interviewed Sergey Sorokin, the managing director of advertising agency “Media”, which is one of the winners of design projects competition

According to Mr. Sorokin, this may not be the exact way the kiosks in Tula will look. The design project commented on by Atrtemiy Lebedev has not participated in bidding process.