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Cosmopolitan Celebrates 17th Anniversary

The Cosmopolitan Flirt Party was held on July 27 at the former Red October candy factory in the center of Moscow. Despite the heat, the unusual party celebrating Cosmopolitan’s 17th anniversary brought together a large number of business partners and friends of the magazine.

Guests were greeted by 100 of the most gallant men of Moscow — models, actors and other handsome bachelors. They chatted with the ladies, presented them with Cosmo fans, tied bracelets of orchids on their wrists, played “flirt cards,” and danced and posed for photos with them. As each woman entered the party, she received special Cosmo-flirt pink hearts that served as currency for the evening allowing her to purchase valuable gifts during the auction. The auction prizes given away included jewelry from Oxette jewelers, designer jewelry by Equip, a Lacoste Joy of Pink set, a romantic dinner at Bono restaurant, gift sets from the Academy of Scientific Beauty and gift certificates from Nika salons.


Vedomosti in S7 Airlines Business Lounges

Beginning in July, visitors to the S7 business lounges in Moscow and Novosibirsk airports can view the latest electronic issue of Vedomosti newspaper free of charge. While they are waiting for their flights, guests can enjoy access to professional business information and be the first to learn of important news that has not yet appeared in print.


The Federal Communication Agency ( Rossviaz) endorsed the modernization of the Russian Post periodicals distribution system

Rossviaz Public Council endorsed the Russian Post proposal to modernize its periodicals distribution system on July 21st. Russian Post Vice President, Igor Mandrykin, talked about the proposal in detail at the meeting.
"This is a real step in the development of the national periodicals market," Deputy Chairman of the Public Chamber of Communications, Information Policy and Freedom of Expression in Mass Media, Dmitry Biryukov, said.


Advertising in regional print media increased by 12%

According to Adinpress, local advertising budgets for the second quarter of 2011 have increased (compared to the same period last year) in Chelyabinsk by 11%, in Ekaterinburg by 5%, and in Samara by 20%.
Allocation of advertising budgets did not change significantly in the second quarter of 2011. Advertising in construction themed publications is still increasing the most. Also, advertising budgets of weekly newspapers are increasing almost everywhere. When it comes to free newspapers, advertising budgets vary from one place to another.


Medvedev approved the idea of creating a worldwide registry of media content

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev approved the idea of ??creating a global registry of intellectual property in e-format, and instructed to draft an address (proposing the creation of such registry) to the international organizations and leaders of the several states.

The staff at the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation will be working on this project. Presidential aide, Arkady Dvorkovich, confirmed that Medvedev instructed Russian officials to launch this project.