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The Communist Party of the Russian Federation accuses Russian Post in helping All-Russia People’s Front

The Communist Party Central Committee secretary, Sergey Obukhov, told the newspaper "Izvestia" that the Communist Party is preparing to file a complaint against Russian Post with the Federal Antimonopoly Service and the Central Election Commission. The Communists suspect that Russian Post (that maintains a broad monopoly on mail service) is politically biased. According to the Communist Party, Russian Post refused to deliver their campaign materials to mailboxes in some parts of the country. Despite the fact that Russian Post is committed to delivering promotional materials for all their commercial customers (as stated on the Russian Post website).


"It is important to point out that Russian Post refused to provide the delivery service after the company joined the People's Front that only supports Putin and United Russia. Moreover, we originally wanted to do everything centrally, and therefore went straight to the Russian Post headquarters, but the local officials sent us to the regional offices to make it harder on us." - Obukhov complained. According to Obukhov, as of now communists only have proof of the company’s refusal to provide delivery services in Krasnodar Territory, but the party is currently working on getting documents and evidence in other regions.



Kiosks by the bus stops are being removed

Only newspaper and bus ticket kiosks will be allowed to remain where they currently are, other kiosks will be demolished.


Elimination of kiosks located by the bus stops was announced by several prefectures at the same time. The bus stop-kiosk units  were not included in the new layout of commercial kiosks approved by the Moscow government on July 1, 2011. However, kiosks located by the bus stops are only starting to be removed now. About 2, 000 bus stop-kiosk units will be taken down in Moscow.


How Do People Read in Russia: electronic vs paper books

A study (commissioned by the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications and conducted by Yury Levada’s Analytical Center) identified the main trends in reading.


According to the Rospechat website, this recent study on reading from paper versus screens in Russia was discussed at the 5th Russian Conference "National Program of Support for Reading and its Development: Challenges and Prospects" in Moscow. The head of the Levada-Center Department of Social and Political Studies, Mr. Dubin, and the head of the Rospechat Department of Book Fairs and Reading Promotion, Mr. Voropaev, presented a joint report on poll results.


Yandex Ups Mobile Position In Deals With Microsoft, SPB Software

Yandex, Russia's No. 1 search engine, continues to shore up its position in mobile markets after buying SPB Software, which provides software for most mobile phone platforms, and signing a separate deal with Microsoft.Unconfirmed reports put the acquisiton at $38 million, but company executives declined to comment on the amount.

Yandex will use SPB's technology to integrate cloud services. Arkady Borkovsky, Yandex CTO, told MediaPost: "It's part of our growth strategy. It will create new market opportunities through the technology and the talent."


Results of National Geographic Russia Contest ‘Wildlife of Russia’

Under the auspices of the Russian Geographic Society, National Geographic Russia magazine held its first national photography contest from May 1 to Oct. 1, 2011. The results of the contest were announced on Nov. 2, 2011, at the opening of an exhibition by the same name.

Russian Geographic Society president Sergei Shoigu greeted the assembled guests. He noted that it had been extremely difficult to choose the winners, in part because Russia is so rich in breathtaking scenery. Shoigu expressed admiration for the photographers’ talent and pointed out that many had started out as hunters, only to later learn the art of nature photography — a positive trend.