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Bringing Russia Post Into the 21st Century

The perfect love affair is one which is conducted entirely by post, said Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw.

The rhythms of the world have changed somewhat, and today's digital romances are available anywhere, anytime and for less than the price of a postage stamp. But what is good for ordinary citizens is not necessarily good for the old postal monopolies.


Lebedev Says He's Being Pressured to Sell Assets

Tycoon Alexander Lebedev, whose holdings include a leading investigative newspaper critical of the Kremlin, said that he wants to sell his Russian assets because of pressure from state security services.

Lebedev, who is worth $1.1 billion, according to Forbes magazine, said the Federal Security Service has targeted him in a series of investigations and inspections to push him out of business.


Duma Deputy Seeks Media Ban to Reduce Ethnic Tensions

A United Russia lawmaker has announced a bill that would ban the media from disclosing the ethnic backgrounds of suspects, victims and others when covering crimes and trials in what he calls an attempt to reduce racial violence.

Such a ban would reduce ethnic tension, State Duma Deputy Shamsail Saraliyev told Izvestia in an interview published Friday.


Forget Batman. Russians Get Own Superheroes

Russia is a long — and often perilous — way to go from the Western world, so much so that even superheroes rarely make the journey.

Spider-Man has no skyscrapers to climb on his way through the Baltic coast, and the sturdy Batmobile would likely perish in the frozen plains of Yakutia.

For now, Russians resort to watching Western heroes perform miraculous feats abroad, but one local company has heard their silent pleas and is lining up a team of Russian superheroes to triumph over the evil that lurks in this nation’s underworld.


A Custom Publishing Booklet of Metropolis Electrical Energy

The Custom Publishing division of SIM prepared a special supplement for Vedomosti newspaper ordered by several energy Moscow companies and the communication agency Longmedia.