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Publishing in Russia 2012: Shifting Retail Landscape

Back in 1990, there were nearly 8,500 bookshops in Russia. By 2009, however, the number had plunged to no more than 2,500, according to the Russian Book Union. Even Top Kniga, Russia’s largest book chain, had shrunk from 700 to 450 stores, and is now teetering on the brink of bankruptcy yet again.


The Hollywood Reporter hits Russian newsstands

The first Russian issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine has hit the newsstands.



New media holding for Moscow

The Moscow City Government plans to incorporate all its media assets into a single holding company.


Publishing In Russia 2012: Publishers in a Changing Industry

PW would like to thank the following for making this report possible: Vladimir Grigoriev, deputy director of the Federal Agency of Press and Mass Communication, for supporting our efforts, and Alexandra Shipetina, v-p of the Russian Book Union (as well as v-p of Centrepolygraph), for contacting report participants, fixing up appointments, and acting as general minder and interpreter.


The small retailers are going online

Yesterday, in a video uploaded to Youtube the representatives of small and medium-sized retail businesses from many Russian cities, told President Dmitry Medvedev and the entire Internet community that if they are not allowed to sell beer and cigarettes, they will lose their business. The initiative belongs to kioskers from Izhevsk and Udmurt who took the trouble to go round the colleagues across the country and to record a collective appeal.