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National Geographic Traveler: Top 10 Culinary Itineraries

In the latest issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine, readers will find amazing culinary vacation routes through France, Spain, Norway, Italy, Japan, Thailand, the Czech Republic, Jamaica and Kenya.

The Strategy column looks at the ever-important question of customs: How can you pass through customs without a hitch? What is the correct way to fill out a customs declaration? How can you bring home an antique or take a pet along in your travels?


All refrigerators will be removed from newsstands in Moscow

Local authorities consider that refrigerators impede passersby

Cold beer, mineral water and juice could become a problem for Moscow citizens soon. All the refrigerators standing near newsstands must be removed on November the first. It was announced by Aleksey Komissarov, the head of science, industrial politics and entrepreneurship Department.


New State Duma Committee to Oversee Mass Media

A new State Duma committee to oversee mass media will likely be formed within weeks, a top official said Monday.

Sergei Naryshkin, speaker of the parliament’s lower house, told journalists that preparations were already under way to form the committee and that he expected it to appear during the State Duma’s autumn session, RIA-Novosti reported.


Putin Invited Gessen to Kremlin to Help Her Get Her Job Back

President Vladimir Putin invited Masha Gessen, fired as editor of the Vokrug Sveta magazine for refusing to cover his hang-gliding stunt with cranes, to the Kremlin and tried to help her get her job back, but she refused.

Gessen offered a scathing assessment of the most unlikely of meetings, which she said took place Tuesday.


MIBF: the future of books

As always, another autumn book fair in Moscow has passed rapidly, but it was bright, and it gave bibliophiles the opportunity to provide themselves with books for the upcoming long winter evenings. September, 10, was the last day of the 25th Moscow.

International Book Fair, where it was possible to buy a book at a publisher’s price, meet your favorite writer, or take part in readers ' contests.