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Looking to combine print and digital, New York Times will embed reporters’ tweets in their print edition

The battle between print and digital media has led to countless opinions and discourses on social media, with Twitter being the ringleader. And even with the world is slowly turning digital, there still exists a dedicated print user-base, happy to ritually pick up newspapers from outside their doors every morning and read it over breakfast.


UK newspapers fight falling Ad revenues

New income sources sought as ad spending slows


Russia Today Says It Wants To Help Facebook Combat Fake News

The Kremlin-backed broadcaster is unhappy at the perceived Western bias of some fact-checkers.


“Newspapers will still be printed in 2030”: News Corp CMO Tony Phillips

As the presenting partner for B&T’s inaugural Towards 2030 Forum, we thought it would be a great idea to chat to News Corp (specifically, CMO Tony Phillips) about why it decided to support the event, and what the future holds for the media industry.


‘The stakes are super high’: Publishers at SXSW discuss the linear, creeping threat of ad blocking

Publishers are fearing that ad blocking’s slow but steady growth could eventually pose a real threat if concrete steps aren’t taken to resolve the ongoing issue.