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Derek Sauer come back in The Moscow Times

Derk Sauer come back in The Moscow TimesThe founder of the Independent Media Dark sour will be the co-founder of the english newspaper, The Moscow Times, told «Vedomosti» Demyan Kudryavtsev, the representative of the owner of the publication (a newspaper owned by the family Kudryavtseva).


Russian magazine The New Times closed of the printed version

The New Times closed printed versionRussian opposition-leaning magazine The New Times announced Sunday it will close its print edition due to financial problems.

The magazine was registered as a non-profit organization for the past four years, relying solely on its subscribers for revenue. New Times editor-in-chief Yevgenia Albats said this gave the publication editorial freedom. In 2017, the magazine fell short of its target subscriber figure.


Russia's Yandex in Ukraine accused of treason, offices searched

Kiev security services on Monday said they were conducting searches in the Ukrainian offices of the popular Russian internet company Yandex as part of a treason probe.


FAS allowed the structure Berezkin ESN buy RBC

Federal Antimonopoly service allowed the structure of ESN Grigory Berezkin to by RBC, according to RNS , citing the Agency.


Facebook’s Instant Articles platform to support Google AMP, Apple News

One of the problems publishers face today in making their content more readable on mobile devices is that there are multiple, competing formats available for this purpose. Facebook has Instant Articles, Google is spearheading the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project, and the Apple News Format optimizes content for iOS devices. Facebook is today taking a crack at a solution to this problem by rolling out support for both AMP and soon Apple News as a part of its open source Instant Articles software development kit.