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Great resettlement of newsstands. The majority of capital stalls will move or will close

From present 14 thousand newsstands on the places remain less than 6 thousand, follows from the scheme of placing of non-stationary trading objects confirmed one of these days by the Moscow government. Escaped it is necessary to change the shape: samples of new stalls next week will expose in the Tverskaya street.

The authorities decide what to do with thousand jobless dealers, citizens - where to buy pies or ice-cream, and owners of newsstands of the press in confusion: points on sale of newspapers have promised not to reduce, but


Popular Lectures in May

The May Popular Lectures series from Popular Mechanics magazine will be held at the 35MM movie theater.

On May 10, French neuroscience professor Lauren Cohen will tell listeners how the brain works when people read and study foreign languages.


Newspaper kiosks have to be modified

Print media distributors proposed to change the design of new newspaper kiosks proposed by the Moscow City Architecture Committee.
The design of newspaper kiosks (that will be installed in Moscow according to the new allocation plan) was discussed at the Press Distributors Association (PDA) meeting.
In particular, the PDA Government Relations Committee


St. Petersburg authorities are interfering with the distribution of Fair Russia party newspaper

The member of the State Duma and local leader of the Socialist-Revolutionary party, Oksana Dmitrieva, told “Echo Petersburg” that police detains party's supporters who distribute the party newspaper (particularly around the Avtovo subway station) and illegally confiscate copies of the publication:
“I sent an inquiry to the heads of the St. Petersburg law enforcement agencies. We ask


Harper’s Bazaar – 15 Years in Russia

Harper’s Bazaar is celebrating its 15th anniversary in Russia. For the first time ever, all of Harper’s Bazaar’s previous editors-in-chief have come together to tell the story of the magazine and to relate for readers what past times were like.

Natalya Vodyanova talks about her plans for the future in a special interview with Harper’s Bazaar, and columnists