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The Russian media market will have a powerful sectoral public structure

On January 17 this year, the GIPP hosted a joint meeting of the Board of the Soyz izdateley «GIPP», the Board of ARPP and Soyz izdateley «NAI». The participants of the event were the heads of the largest publishing and distribution companies, leading industry associations of the Russian market periodicals, representatives of Executive authorities.

The agenda of the meeting included discussion of the situation in the media circles, which aggravated the crisis trends in the press industry and led to the temporary blocking of the work of the Association of distributors of printed materials.

President of the Soyz izdateley «GIPP» S.N. Moiseev (on photo from left)

S.N. Moiseev, President of the Union of publishers «GIPP», informed the audience that the current situation was the result of the negative processes that have occurred between the participants of the market periodicals in recent years, and requires immediate action by the publishing and distribution community. He added that the Russian media industry needs to develop common rules and standards, to form transparent relations between publishers and distributors, as well as their close cooperation with related industries. The speaker expressed the opinion that the public structures that currently exist in the industry will not be able to cope alone with the crisis phenomena prevailing in the market of periodicals, since the current realities require all the links involved in the creation and distribution of Newspapers and magazines, unity and consolidated work in the direction of lobbying their interests. The President of the GIPP summarized that now it is necessary to create a powerful independent public structure representing all segments of the life of a printed product and invited the participants of the meeting to express their opinions on the merger of the Soyz izdateley «GIPP», NP «ARPP» and the Soyz izdateley «NAI» with the possibility of subsequent accession other public organizations.

Acting President of «ARPP» NP, Chairman of the Board of NP «ARPP» A.V. Oskin thanked all the participants for their support in a difficult and crucial period for the Association and expressed confidence that the unification of the leading industry organizations will cause a synergetic effect, the creation of a qualitatively new, strong structure in the media market will be the first step towards the formation of a civilized business. Its main objective A. V. Oskin called development of transparent rules of interaction between publishers and distributors.

The President of the Union of publishers «NAI» A.V. Avdonin (on photo in the center)

A.V. Avdonin, President of the Union of publishers «NAI», General Director of «World news Media» was supported by colleagues from GIPP and ARPP and reported that an Association of the largest public organizations – regularity in the sequential chain of events that took place on the press market in the past year. The speaker noted that the GIPP, ARPP and NAI have many years of experience in supporting and developing periodicals and distribution in our country, an invaluable archive of legislative initiatives, which, according to Avdonin, will help the new organization to defend the interests of all participants in the print media market.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Soyz izdateley «GIPP» V.M. Shkulev

V. M. Shkulev, President of OOO «Hurst Shkulev Media», Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Soyz izdateley «GIPP», noted that the advertising business, which today is one of the most profitable in Russia, has long formed powerful lobbying tools, so it works successfully. And the new United industry organization, possessing such mechanisms, will bring the press market out of crisis and will contribute to the development of the Russian media industry.

SN. Moiseev proposed within the framework of the public structure to create a single Board, Supervisory Board, which would coordinate its activities, as well as a conflict Commission – its tasks will include the resolution of emerging enterprises involved in the publication and distribution of the printed product, disputes and the formation of civilized relations between the participants of the press market.

S. V. Tsyganov, member of the Board Soyz izdateley «GIPP»

S. V. Tsyganov, member of the Board of the publishers Union «GIPP» supplemented the proposal S. N. Moiseyev also reported that it is necessary to prepare the plan of work and to carry out the activity strictly according to it to the integrated branch structure.

Expert of the Federal Agency for press and mass communications, member of the Board of NP «ARPP», member of the Supervisory Board of the Soyz izdateley «GIPP» G. N. Cudi reported that Rospechat has a positive attitude to the creation of a new industrial structure on the basis of the largest public organizations. He expressed regret that at the moment in Russia there are no well-established mechanisms for regulating relations between publishers and distributors of periodicals who need to work together in order to preserve the print media industry. In his opinion, the United organization will not only help to build a consolidated cooperation for the media community, but will also gain credibility in the legislative and Executive bodies.

Head of retail products and network development FGUP «Pochta Rossii» [FSUE «Russian Post»] Dmitry A. Usanov (on photo from left)

D. A. Usanov, head of retail goods and network development Department at FSUE "Pochta Rossii", drew attention to the fact that one hundred percent consolidation of representatives of the press industry, which was discussed by colleagues, is a concept that is difficult to be applied in reality to business. However, according to D. A. Usanov, the new structure is able to develop a specific Toolkit for all participants of the media market, the rules which they must obey. With this aim, the joint branch organization needs to form a professional team that will develop mechanisms to improve relationships with retailers and be able to earn money due to the protection of the interests of members of the Union and support for the position on the market.

First Deputy General Director OOO «Agency Rospechat» [JSC «Agency Rospechat»] V. I. Kokorev

V. I. Kokorev, first Deputy General Director of JSC «Agency «Rospechat», member of the Board of NP «ARPP», supported the Association GIPP, ARPP and NAI and noted that an important activity of the new structure would continue the practice of putting to consideration of the agencies supervising the activities of the press, legislative initiatives in relation to the print media. Special attention, in his opinion, require a «media Law» and «Law on postal service». The first has not been edited for the last twenty-six years and needs to be adjusted, the second has not been finalized.

The Chairman of the Board ARPP [PDA] A. V. Oskin (in the middle)

A. V. Oskin added that work in the field of media law has always been the main activity of any public organization and, of course, will remain the priority of the unified structure. He also noted that the market of retail distribution of periodicals needs to make fundamental changes to the" law on trade", which violates the interests of small businesses, and proposed to use the proposals developed by NP" ARPP "and the Union of publishers" NAI " for its correction.

General Director OOO «MAP» [LLC «Interregional subscription Agency»] A. A. Budanov

In the discussion of the issues on the agenda of the meeting also was attended by: A. A. Budanov, General Director OOO «MAP» (LLC «Interregional subscription Agency»), R. Y. Novikov, General Director of JSC «Arguments and Facts», G. M. Rudnicki, General Director of JSC «Edition of newspaper «Evening Moscow», A. V. Fedotov, Deputy head of the working group NP «ARPP» on the Moscow market, the press, member of the management Board of NP «ARPP», E. M. Shitikova, Executive Director of the Union of publishers GIPP.

Deputy head of the working group NP ARPP [PDA] on the Moscow market V. A. Fedotov

Members of the Board of the Union of publishers «GIPP», NP «ARPP» and the Soyz Izdateley «NAI» unanimously supported the Association of three major industrial enterprises and decided: to vote on this issue members of the GIPP, ARPP and NAI; to entrust the President of the Union of publishers «GIPP» SN. Moiseev, acting President of NP «ARPP», Chairman of the Board of NP «ARPP» A.V. Oskin and President of the Soyz izdateley «NAI» A.V. Avdonin develop and Executive Directorate of the GIPP, ARPP and NAI implement the necessary organizational and legal measures to unite public organizations.

The participants of the meeting noted that the important activities of the Association are the development of mechanisms for regulating relations and transparent rules of cooperation between publishers and distributors of the press.

At the conclusion of the event, the heads of GIPP, ARPP and NAI expressed the hope that related with publishing and distributor of printing and paper industry organizations subsequently included in the new Association, and with the support of all participants of the market of periodicals in Russia will be able to create a large, independent, strong structure that will work for the benefit of the industry of print media.


NP ARPP  – Non-commercial partnership Press Distribution Association, PDA. The Association was founded in 1996. Among the members of the Association there are 106 organizations uniting publishers and distributors. ARPP (PDA) member of Distripress.

Soyz izdateley «GIPP» – Union of publishers «GIPP» [Guild of publishers of press publishers]. GIPP was founded in 1998. The Soyz izdateley includes more than 300 companies, including 250 regional ones. GIPP is a certified member of WAN-IFRA.

Soyz izdateley «NAI» – The National Association of press publishers. The Association was founded in the late 1990s.

The press service of the ARPP (PDA).