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How newspaper publishers can take on Silicon Valley duopoly

PRESIDENT TRUMP’S HARANGUES against the “failing New York Times” and other newspapers, including this one, are troubling. The deep, daily reporting that only newspapers can muster has never felt so vital, and any White House effort to undermine it bears close watching.

But any newspaper publisher will tell you the greatest threat to the industry emanates not from Washington, but from Silicon Valley. Google and Facebook don’t do the painstaking work of developing sources and uncovering corruption. They don’t venture into war zones, or sit through late-night school committee meetings. But they do reap enormous profits from the newspaper articles that show up in your search results and news feeds.

The Google-Facebook duopoly now commands 60 percent to 70 percent of the digital advertising market, depending on the estimate. And the steady decline in newspaper advertising revenue has hollowed out newsrooms all over the country.

The only way to stop the bleeding is to give legacy media a stronger hand in its negotiations with the tech giants. And the News Media Alliance, a trade group representing about 2,000 national and regional newspapers, has a proposal.

Souce: Boston Globe.