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Kiev imposes fines for imports of "anti-Ukrainian" books from Russia

From now on, the unauthorized publishing products from Russia without a relevant permit will be withdrawn from circulation in Ukraine. The seizure will be carried out on the basis of appeals from law enforcement agencies, legal entities and individuals in accordance with the procedure previously approved by the Ukrainian government.

KIEV (Sputnik) — Entities that violate the law will be subject to an administrative and economic penalty in the amount of 10 times the minimum wage (about $1,100) for each case of such distribution made for the first time, and in the amount of 50 times the minimum wage ($5,7 000) for each subsequent case, the press service of the State Committee for Television and Radio-Broadcasting of Ukraine (Derzhkomteleradio) said.

"The order of the State Committee for Television and Radio-Broadcasting of October 17, 2017 on approval of the procedure for imposing administrative and economic fines … came into force. Thus, the creation of a legal mechanism for exercising the powers of the State Committee for Television and Radio-Broadcasting, as defined by the law on restricting access to the Ukrainian market of foreign printed products of anti-Ukrainian content, has been completed," the press release, released on Tuesday, read.

The committee pointed out that the penalties will be applied to printed products imported to the territory of Ukraine after January 1, 2017. Citizens have the right to bring up to 10 copies of books from Russia into the country as hand luggage or as accompanying baggage without special permits.
In December 2016, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree to restrict access of "anti-Ukrainian content" from Russia to the Ukrainian market, in a move which is expected to give impetus to the Ukrainian market of printed matter. Starting May 14, an approval of the Derzhkomteleradio is necessary to import printed matter to Ukraine.

Source: Sputnik