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The court has refused to construction holding "Titan-2" the claim against RBC — Rambler News Service

The arbitration court of Moscow has rejected claim requirements of construction holding "Titan-2" to RBC media holding, RNS in the press service of media holding have reported. "Titan-2" submitted a claim for protection of honor, advantage and business reputation because of the rating of "50 most fast-growing companies" published at the end of 2016 in the magazine of RBC. In rating it was reported that "Titan-2" is one of co-owners Vadim Ryabov, the former deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg. The company said that this information isn't true.

"The court has refused to the Titan-2 company the claim against RBC" — RNS in the press service of RBC have reported.

the Representative "Titan-2" has explained to

RNS that the court has rejected claim requirements of the company because edition has published changes to disputable rating which the court has considered a denial in one of the subsequent issues of the magazine.

"The denial is placed not by that font and not in that place as it is demanded by the Act of the Russian Federation about media — the representative has told RNS "Titanium-2". — The magazine of RBC has published a denial without use of the heading "Denial" and in the section of the Rekvizity magazine, however had to publish a denial in the heading "Feature story"" — RNS in the press service "Titanium-2" have reported.

in the press service of RBC of RNS was said Earlier that in the disputable rating of RBC I referred to data of the Forbes magazine, and therefore, according to the law "About Media", doesn't bear responsibility for this information.