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Derek Sauer come back in The Moscow Times

Derk Sauer come back in The Moscow TimesThe founder of the Independent Media Dark sour will be the co-founder of the english newspaper, The Moscow Times, told «Vedomosti» Demyan Kudryavtsev, the representative of the owner of the publication (a newspaper owned by the family Kudryavtseva).

The Moscow Times is an english-language publication, which comes out in Moscow. The newspaper was established in 1992 and was part of the Sanoma Independent Media (SIM). In 2015 Kudryavtsev bought the Russian assets of Sanoma Media, including The Moscow Times and Vedomosti, a leading Russian business daily newspaper, as well as the publication Men's Health, Women's Health and National Geographic. In 2015 The Moscow Times has changed format from daily Newspapers to weekly, in November, chief editor of the newspaper was appointed Mikhail Fishman. Since the end of last month and published in the Chinese language.

The rights to The Moscow Times from July will be transferred to a European non-profit Foundation, he says. The country in which to house the Foundation and its name are still being discussed. The Fund will be able to issue licenses in different countries, including conferences under the brand of The Moscow Times, he says. Edition of the Moscow Times will be promoted in different countries, including in Europe, CIS and China.

Sauer will be appointed Chairman of the Fund, Kudryavtsev will hold the position of Board member. In the organization of Sauer will be two Directors from Kudryavtseva - one. Operational management of NGOs will be engaged in sour.

«Vedomosti» change owner Sour – founder of Independent Media (later SIM). He launched the Russian magazine Cosmopolitan, the newspaper «Vedomosti» and The Moscow Times, etc. In November 2012 he was appointed President of the media holding RBC, in August 2015, was appointed Vice-President of «ONEXIM».

Sauer, a citizen of the Netherlands. According to Russian media law, foreigners have no right to own more than 20% of the media. «The Moscow Times this fall will celebrate the 25th anniversary. This was my first project in Russia, and he is very dear to me - quoted in the message of the Sauer. - I believe that now is the time to return to the publishing roots. We will focus on digital expansion The Moscow Times as for the English speaking community in Russia and for foreign audiences».

«Over the past two years we have doubled the circulation of The Moscow Times, increased advertising revenue by 30% and launched a Chinese edition and a new web site,» - said Kudryavtsev.

On materials of the newspaper Vedomosti.