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Friedman and Vedomosti signed a settlement agreement

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the consortium «Alfa-group» Mikhail Fridman, Vedomosti newspaper signed a settlement agreement on the suit about protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, have informed RIA Novosti the representative of the businessman Leonid Kheifets.

«Yesterday we signed a settlement agreement, the details of which I still cannot reveal. Today we will present him to the court for approval,» said the defender.

Earlier it was reported that the Ostankino court of Moscow on Wednesday will consider on the merits the claim of billionaire Mikhail Fridman on protection of honor and dignity to the newspaper «Vedomosti» in an article about «Russian mafia» in Spain. Court spokesman Christina Batyrov said that the claim related to article of 27 February with the title «Like a Spanish project Mikhail Fridman was involved in the case about «Russian mafia». The businessman asks to disprove the information, stating monetary claims.

The parties had previously declared its readiness to settle the dispute peacefully — «Vedomosti» admitted mistake, and Friedman assured that you will be satisfied with a published rebuttal. Member of the Board of Directors of the newspaper «Vedomosti» Demyan Kudryavtsev has apologized to the businessman.