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“Rain”: Putin will meet with Prokhorov before the sale of RBC

Russian President Vladimir Putin will soon meet with the owner of RBC Mikhail Prokhorov. Perhaps they will discuss the upcoming sale of the company and the prospects for other assets of a billionaire, reports channel “Rain”.

According to “Rain”, plans to meet with Prokhorov, Putin said may 16 at a secret meeting in Sochi with chief editors of Russian media. This TV channel said two people who attended the closed event. A Federal official on condition of anonymity confirmed that the meeting between Putin and Prokhorov are scheduled for the coming days. Official confirmation of this information from any of the parties there.

As it became known, the meeting in Sochi was attended by heads of leading media, including “Kommersant”, “Vedomosti”, “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” and “Novaya Gazeta”. This event is broadcast on the TV channel “Rain” may 17, said the chief editor of “Novaya Gazeta” Dmitry Muratov. According to sources, the meeting was and representatives of RBC – the General Director of holding Nikolay Molibog and co-Director of the joint editorial Elizabeth Golikova. About the future of RBC, Putin was asked Golikova. The President of a certain response is not given, but stated that it would meet with the shareholder.

A source close to the leadership of the group “ONEXIM”, said the “Rain” that Prokhorov plans to discuss with the President the sale of RBC. In particular, he would like to have a guarantee that after the sale of the media business will be able to complete other transactions on favorable terms. Currently Prokhorov continues to come out of Russian assets, reminiscent of the TV channel.

In turn, the Federal official said the “Rain” that the President has no plans to discuss the sale of RBC, and the conversation will go “on business.”
The interlocutor of the channel close to the Kremlin, claims that the decision on the sale of RBC settled.

Last year, Prokhorov began the problems associated with RBC. As the press wrote, the Kremlin was dissatisfied with the publications that have touched the family of the President and his inner circle. In April 2016, at the offices of the group “ONEXIM” were searched. After that, according to press reports, the entrepreneur has received an order from the top to sell the holding.

In may last year, the media holding RBC has left the editor-in-chief Elizaveta Osetinskaya, editor in chief of the newspaper RBC Solius, as well as chief editor of information Agency RBC Roman badanin. According to the source “Rain”, the new leaders had to make RBC more loyal. However, the Kremlin still dissatisfied with the policy of the publication, according to the interlocutor of the channel.

In April 2017, it became known that the group “ONEXIM” resumed stopped in the summer of 2016 negotiations for the sale to RBC. It later emerged that buys holding the ESN group Grigory Berezkin, who recently confirmed the reports and said about the plans to merge RBC into a single holding belonging to it “Komsomol truth” and the newspaper “Metro”.

According to the source of “Rain” close to the Kremlin, the new holding company will be headed by the Deputy Director General of “Rumedia” Alexey Abakumov. Probably the deal to sell RBC will be completed in June, says another source in the media market.

It is noted that the meeting with Putin will be the first to Prokhorov for a long time. Last time with the leadership of the country in the face who was then President Dmitry Medvedev, he met in 2011 as leader of the party “Right cause”. With Putin, the billionaire has faced only at a General meeting of the President with business representatives and leaders of non-parliamentary parties. According to some, last year, Prokhorov tried unsuccessfully to get a meeting with Putin.

Source: Last news from Russia