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Why the Russian media love Trump

From Russia with love. Love for Donald Trump, that is. During this final stretch of the presidential election, US officials say they are worried about potential threats from the Russian government not just trying to infiltrate election systems but sowing the seeds of doubt about the legitimacy of American democracy.

This in an election where president Obama has said that Trump has a bromance with Putin, and one where it seems clear the Kremlin has picked a side whether through the activities of Russian hackers or rhetoric from Russian leaders.

Russia’s media is relishing every minute of this US election. Presenting it as an epic failure of American democracy. And it’s not hard to see who the favorite is here.

The republican candidate is presented as a maverick underdog, a political outsider who speaks truth to power. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is cast as a dangerous Russia hater whose election could lead to world war iii.

Russian media frequently labels her a witch with one tabloid even calling her “evil incarnate.” State TV anchor Sergey Brilev says it’s a response to Clinton’s aggressive attitude.

Sergey Brilev, Anchor, Russian State TV said, “The mentality on the street, of course, is Clinton as someone hostile to Russia because while she’s been hostile, she’s done all those anti-Russian statements, be it about hacking or Putin or Russia. Just read her statements.”

President Putin has dismissed allegations that Russia is playing favorites in this race. But as the polls have tightened, Russian media is now suggesting that the election is rigged and that the establishment won’t let Trump win.

One channel has predicted bloody social unrest if Clinton becomes president. Followed by the overthrow of the “corrupt regime.”

Konstantin von Egger, Rain TV said, “It’s a very effective message for the Russian audience because Russian audience is suspicious of America, very suspicious of Western democracy and American democracy and someone who rebels against the system definitely looks very good in the eyes of Russia.”

Which is why media here is happily milking this election for all the propaganda value it can get.