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Outrage as Russian media predicts Donald Trump will experience a ‘JFK moment’ if he is elected to the White House

DONALD Trump could end up being assassinated like JFK if he is elected president, a Russian newspaper has shockingly claimed.

The controversial article went on to suggest there was more chance of “aliens landing” than ‘pro-Russia agent’ Trump being elected.

Appearing in popular daily Komsomolskaya Pravda, it read: "What if the "agent" does win on November 8?

"I cannot imagine what they would do.

"I would not exclude the most dramatic version of a John F. Kennedy-style [assassination]."

US President JFK was notoriously shot dead by sniper Lee Harvey Oswald as his motorcade drove through Dallas in 1963.

Ironically, the WWII vet was famed for standing up to the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis one year earlier.

Trump has been largely-endorsed in the Russian media because of his pro-Vladimir Putin comments.

But the article dismisses any suggestion Trump can win the US presidency on November 8.

It continues: "It is easier to believe in aliens than the next US president being a man that does not consider Russia evil.

"I do not believe that Donald Trump could become the 45th US president."

Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton accused him of being a "puppet" for Putin in the third TV debate last month.

Trump has in the past labelled the former KGB man a "better leader" than US chief Barack Obama.

While Putin himself has hailed the former Apprentice host.

He said: "Mr. Trump, he has probably chosen his own method to get through to voters’ hearts.

“He behaves extravagantly of course, but I think there’s a reason for this, because in my opinion he represents the interests of that part of society – and it is quite big in the United States – which is tired of the elite who have been in power for decades.”

The businessman's bid for the White House hit turbulence overnight after a Slade article claimed there was a link between one of Trump's campaign servers and the Russian Alfa bank.

The former Apprentice host furiously denied the suggestions.

Clinton also found herself on the ropes this week after the FBI announced it would re-open an investigation into her private email server.

The revelation saw beleaguered Trump receive a shot in the arm just seven days before America goes to the polls.

Barack Obama today refused to criticise FBI chief James Comey for announcing the probe - instead labelling him a "man of integrity".

Most bookies still have Clinton as a 3-1 ON shot to take the White House with Trump out at 11-4.