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German government accuses Russian media of biased reporting

The German government on Friday accused Russia media of "biased reporting" on events such as the Ukraine crisis, reports on Russia's neighboring states and an alleged rape case involving a German-Russian girl.

"We're very closely monitoring the increased activity of Russian media," said Christiane Wirtz, deputy spokeswoman for the German government.

German-Russian relations have been tense since Moscow intervened in the alleged rape case of a 13-year-old German-Russian girl. She told police she had been kidnapped in Berlin by migrants, who raped her while she was held for 30 hours.

The Berlin public prosecutor's office later said a medical examination showed she had not been raped.               

The case stoked concern among senior German officials that Russia was trying to erode public trust in Merkel using immigration, an issue that has already cost her support and caused tensions in the European Union.              

Wirtz did not comment on German media reports that said German intelligence agencies would investigate whether Russia was using an old Cold War tactic known as "active measures", which used propaganda and disinformation against other nations.

(Reporting by Markus Wacket; Writing by Michelle Martin and Katharine Houreld)