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Disney mulls using media dome designed by Russian company from Novosibirsk

Disney may use a media dome designed by EnterIdeas, a Russian company from the city of Novosibirsk, for its on-site presentations, general director of the Russian company Igor Mendzebrovsky told TASS.

"At the end of last year we took part at the Mipcom 2015 exhibition with our new development - a big virtual media dome. We made its presentation, and the representatives of Disney got interested in the device," - he said.

By now, an agreement of interest has been signed and the second stage of talks will be held in Los Angeles in March, Mendzebrovsky said. In spring the Russian company will open its office in the United States, he added.

According Mendzebrovsky, diameter of the new device is 20-30 meters and it is equipped with 36 projectors. With the help of this device up to 600 people at a time can immerse in virtual reality.

The cost of the development is $300,000-400,000, which is about ten times lower than that of imported equivalents.

"We provide a full-cycle production and are responsible for every stage from the design to final assembly. The device creates any visualization with the full effect of presence, which is achieved by means of special spherical technology and is aimed for training, entertainment and presentation of products," - the company’s general director said.

Earlier the company assembled a mini-planetarium with a diameter of 5 meters with a single projector. Currently, more than 40 such systems are operational in the Russian regions.

One of the company’s recent projects is a virtual aquarium of prehistoric animals, which will be installed at the Novosibirsk Zoo in 2016.