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Press Digest: ‘Putin brand’ now big factor in Trump’s U.S. campaign

The daily newspaper Vzglyad writes that Russian President Vladimir Putin's name has never been heard so frequently in a U.S. presidential campaign as it is now. But at the same time the current campaign is destroying many stereotypes, including this one.

The “Putin brand” is becoming a significant factor in the presidential fight and now we see how it is being used by the most promising and tenacious candidate, Donald Trump, writes Vzglyad.

In one statement, one of the key assertions of his campaign, Trump said that he would be able to establish good relations with Putin. In fall, when Russia began its campaign in Syria, Trump unambiguously positioned himself in its favor, announcing that Putin was doing the right thing by fighting Islamic State (ISIS).

Moreover, at the beginning of December Trump increased his lead over his competitors and now the polls show his percentage is twice as high as that of his nearest contender.

Now he also has an unexpected ally. During his annual press conference Vladimir Putin said that Trump was talented and that he was definitely the leader in the race. The American tycoon immediately reacted by saying that for him it is a great honor to receive a compliment from such a leader, from a person who commands such respect both domestically and abroad.

Consequently, it appears that Putin is helping Trump by allowing him to be the main anti-establishment candidate concerning foreign policy issues and by reminding him of his own rating in the U.S. In return Trump is scratching Putin's back by exposing “anti-Putin propaganda” and calling for the normalization of relations with Russia, even if only verbally.

Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton were expected to be the official candidates in the 2016 elections. However, now it seems that stopping Trump will be extremely difficult not only for the Bush clan but also for the entire Republican establishment. But also for the Democratic establishment, since Putin will have many opportunities before next November to send Hillary Clinton a "fervent greeting." And Putin will certainly do so – through the unsystematic and thus so valuable for Russia Donald Trump.