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Russian media attack President Barack Obama with rhetoric; Washington and Moscow in talks of settlement

"Chimney sweep" and "Obama Schmoe" are just some of the things the Russian media is using to attack US President Barack Obama. The same can be said for the West, as some personalities like Fox News Bill O’Reilly previously described President Vladimir Putin as "a menace to the world, "a KBG thug" and even "a killer." 

According to the Observer, O'Reilly's opinion of Putin seems to be the reflection of the majority of Americans. In a research from the Pew Research Center, around three-quarters of the US population are critical over Putin. The other 21 per cent is confident in him. However, Russian poll on President Obama in Russia is lower. Only around 11 per cent of Russians are confident about him. This is considerably low from the 41 per cent vote of confidence in 2011. The drop in score can be attributed primarily to the West's economic sanctions including America's take on the issue in Syria and Ukraine.
 Just like in the West, the Russian public relies primarily on television and other forms of media for information. However, the Observer also notes that the Russian media never fail to remind the public how much of a villain the West is to the world. The matter, nonetheless, should not be taken gravely.
 To cite an example, RIA Novosti -- a Russian news agency -- once reported: “US President Barack Obama started to laugh when asked by The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart who the US is bombing in the Middle East. It’s not his first appearance on the comedy show." Obama was also called "lazy" on some occasions.
“During his presidency, Obama spent more than 1,100 hours on the golf course — or one-and-a-half months without breaks for sleep or food. He played golf 247 times during his presidency, breaking the record of Dwight Eisenhower who did it 210 times,” the Observer quoted a major Russian tabloid.
 Nonetheless, despite the media antics here and there, Russia and the US seem to be getting along lately. US Secretary of State John Kerry claimed that both countries seemed to be "at a strong beginning opening up possibilities," according to TASS. Kerry met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov last Tuesday.