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New level reached in cooperation between Russia’s embassy and Armenia’s media

Cooperation between Russia’s embassy and Armenia’s media has reached a new level, Russian Ambassador to Armenia Ivan Volynkin said on Friday.

“I would like to say with gratitude that interaction of the embassy, Russian center for science and culture, Russian organizations and their offices in Armenia with the media reached a new level,” he said summarizing the results of 2015.

 In his words, the embassy, on its side, tried to make its information work more open and transparent by posting reports on its website as well as on its Facebook and Twitter pages, mailing out its press releases and holding news conferences and round-table discussions.

“I can say that this year we dramatically strengthened information component of our cooperation,” Volynkin said. “This work was based on the embassy’s tune for provision of objective information about Russia, its foreign policy and Russian-Armenian relations.”

The ambassador rated this cooperation high and expressed hope that despite the current complicated period of information wars and a huge stream of disinformation, the next level of interaction will be reached in 2016.