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Mobile Reaches 5% of Total Media Spending in Russia

The mobile internet ad market in Russia is growing quickly—2015 will be the final year of triple-digit growth, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast of ad spending around the world. But as a percentage of digital and total media ad spending, mobile is still small in Russia compared to many other worldwide markets.

eMarketer estimates that this year, advertisers in Russia will spend $430 million on mobile internet ads, or 19.0% of all digital ad spending. Mobile will quickly come to account for even more of the digital market, and by 2019 most digital ad spending will occur on mobile channels.

That year, the total Russian ad market will reach $10.78 billion after several years of growth in the mid-single digits. Just over 30% of the total will be spend on digital advertising that year.

Russia is below the worldwide average by this metric—this year, 29.9% of all ad spending worldwide will be digital.

Russia also lags in terms of the share of digital ad spending that goes toward mobile. This year, South Korea leads the world by this metric, with 54.4% of all digital ad spending in the country going occurring on mobile. The US is No. 2, at 51.9%. Russia comes in at less than half the worldwide average of 42.3%.