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Russian Press Distributors Association congratulates you and all Distripress’ members on the 60th anniversary

Dear colleagues!


Russian Press Distributors Association congratulates you and all Distripress’ members on the 60th anniversary.


More than half a century ago – in 1955 – 16 companies in 13 countries associated under the aegis of Distripress with the aim to promote and develop the press distribution global market. Now Distripress is a regular platform for its 430 members in over 90 countries in the form of congresses, trade events and publications so as to facilitate the co-operation and the exchange of information and ideas from the national and international press industry.


Distripress is at the heart of the international press network and represents impartially publishers’ and distributors’ activities and interests connected with the circulation of newspapers, magazines, periodicals and paperbacks. In the Digital Era, when a symbiosis of printed and digital media sales becomes the only correct strategy, Distripress woks in this direction and promotes best practices.


The unique aspect to Distripress is that it brings the global press distribution industry under one roof every year. And Russia is a permanent member of all the Congresses and makes an important contribution to its work and to the development of the global market newspapers, magazines and books distribution.


Distripress’ board members came to Russia, learned all the peculiarities of the Russian press distribution market, met with government officials and led an active dialogue about the future of the industry with them.


Distripress also provides a site for the European Round Table of press distributors in FMCG networks for many years. There are always representatives of the Russian market, who successfully take part in discussions all over the problems of this segment.


We are sure that the 60th Distripress Congress in Brussels will be an outstanding industry event and will be marked with the successful work of all its members. We, from our part, are ready to continue cooperation with the Distripress and to make our contribution to professional dialogue and experiences exchange to develop the worldwide media industry position.


We wish you further success in increasing the press distribution efficiency all over the world!



Dmitry Martynov

President of the Press Distributors Association


Alexander Oskin

Chairman of Press Distributors Association