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Head of top Russian media conglomerate Kiselev files suit over EU sanctions

Dmitry Kiselev, Director General of the news agency Rossiya Segodnya, has brought action against the Council of the European Union’s decision to add him to the EU sanctions list over the Ukrainian crisis, the Official Journal of the European Union (OJ) reported. 

Kiselev writes that he considers the Council of the European Union decision to be ungrounded. In particular, he “does not have the requisite influence or concrete impact on, and responsibility, for the situation in Ukraine.” According to Kiselev, “the restrictive measures punish the applicant for the political views that he has expressed as a journalist and a commentator.”

The OJ writes that the applicant wants the Council to annul its decision and to pay the applicant’s costs for the lawsuit filed by his attorneys on May 22.

Kiselev has reaffirmed his intention to appeal to the court against the EU decision.

Dmitry Kiselev was put on the EU sanctions list of individuals who are prohibited entry into the EU member countries. Several Rossiya Segodnya journalists have been denied entry into Ukraine under questionable pretexts.