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PDA XXIX International conference

Dear colleagues!

We invite you and your employees to participate in the PDA XXIX International conference, which will be held from September 27 to October 3 in Loutraki (Greece).

Conference topics cover the most actual problems in the functioning of the market of printed products, which are of interest for the media community. Participants will highlight the main trends in the Russian and foreign press markets, to assess the current state of the Russian media industry, present a forecast of its development in the coming perspective.

Special emphasis will be given to trends in the publishing market in the current unstable general economic situation, the fall of interest in reading among the population, reducing the advertising revenue in publishing budgets, reducing points of realization of printed materials. The issues on providing state support for socially significant media promotion, prospects of multi-channel publishing content, methods of attracting younger audiences, etc will be also covered.

Conference participants will be introduced with the foreign experience of publication and sale of printed materials, in particular with the work of the press publishers and distributors of Greece during the crisis.

For foreign colleagues PDA cancels the organizational fee. The cost of participation in the conference will consist of the payment for travel and accommodation at Hotel Poseidon Resort 5 *.

If you are interested to participate in the conference please let me know.


Yours faithfully

Alexander Oskin