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Russia and China should make propaganda together: media figure

It is high time for Russian and Chinese media to work closely together to promote the two countries' dynamic comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination, a Russian media leader has urged.

"The cooperation should not be limited only to the economic field, as we are talking about a comprehensive strategic cooperation," Pavel Negoitsa, director-general of Russia's state-run newspaper Russian Gazette, said in a recent interview with Xinhua.

"In that sense, I am deeply convinced that the media plays a role in improving understanding of each other," Negoitsa said.

Referring to a greater flow of information from Russia to China and vice versa, he said "we have to work together toward that direction."

As Russia-China ties are at an all-time high, the two sides are committed to boosting cooperation in a wide range of areas. During Chinese president Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow in early May, Xi and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin agreed to work on the integration of the Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) framework with China's Silk Road Economic Belt initiative.

A bilateral forum for Russian and Chinese media is scheduled on Thursday in Russia's second largest city St. Petersburg. The forum is expected to bring together high-level representatives from both sides' media organizations.

Noting that media cooperation should keep pace with the joint work in other areas, Negoitsa believed the upcoming forum would give an opportunity for related discussions, so as to step up cooperation in both traditional and new media.

The current level of cooperation between Russia and China calls for efforts from media communities in both countries, and the forum will be an indispensable floor for that, he said. "I estimate positively the dynamic development of cooperation between our media. Since we have desire to cooperate, we can practically contribute to our bilateral ties," he added.

Negoitsa added that the media outlets of Russia and China have a common obligation to show the world what really happens in their countries and their relations as a whole.

Speaking of the imbalance in the international communication order, he called for collaboration between the media of both sides to strengthen the roles of Russian and Chinese media in the global information space.

"We need to be patient and believe in what we do. We need to deliver our position," he said.