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PDA and AIRP signed a cooperation agreement

PDA and AIRP signed a cooperation agreement

An agreement on cooperation and mutual assistance between the Press Distributor’s Association (PDA) and the Alliance of Independent Regional Publishers (AIRP) was signed on May 14. The document was signed by D. V. Martynov, President of PDA and T. V. Popova, Executive director of the AIRP.


The parties agreed to cooperate and provide full assistance to each other on a wide range of issues, to actively pursue the joint development and advocacy in the legislative and executive authorities of Russia the draft laws and legal documents in support of the development of publishing and distribution activities and inform each other of work plans and activities.

Under the agreement, it was decided to engage actively in the implementation of the "Concept of development of retail distribution of periodicals of printed materials for the period till 2020" in Russia's regions and foster the formation and development of progressive forms and methods of distribution of periodicals. The parties also agreed to develop a joint action plan for the years 2015 – 2016.

"In today's challenging environment for the domestic media industry, it is important to follow the path of consolidation of the industry of professional associations in order to help the media community to support the interests of publishers and distributors both at the federal and regional levels", - said D. Martynov.

"We need to work together in the regions of the Russian Federation to assist the local publishers in the distribution of their products in the retail network," - said Tatiana Popova.

After signing D.V.Martynov and T.V.Popova discussed the situation on the media market and immediate measures to overcome the crisis in the industry.

The signing ceremony was attended by Chairman of the Board of PDA A. V. Oskin and CEO of PDA Y. V. Polyukhovich.

Ref. about PDA:

Press Distributors Association (PDA) – is one of the oldest public media organizations in the Russian Federation. Established in June 1995. PDA unites press distributors, publishers and other legal entities whose activities are related to the publication and distribution of printed materials and other media. PDA’s activities are aimed at creating a civilized press market in Russia and the press distribution system, to protect the interests of publishers and distributors of printed products in Russia, the media industry as a whole.

Ref. about AIRP:

Alliance of Independent Regional Publishers (AIRP) – is a non-profit public organization, which includes today 78 regional publishing houses in Russia. AIRP’s mission is to bring together the independent press in Russia to its development as an institution of civil society, to coordinate efforts to protect freedom of speech in the country, exchange of experience and defending corporate interests. All members adhere to the principles of quality press, develop their businesses in accordance with ethical standards, have a well-deserved reputation in the market and enjoy great trust of readers.