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News hits traffic record

The flagship site MIA "Russia Today" and one of the most popular news sites in RuNet showed record figures on the number of visits in February 2015. According to Google Analytics, the total number of visits to the site was 80.5 million, 33.9 million higher than a year ago and is an absolute record for all time of existence of the site.

"We produce a unique operational content, which yielded a record audience. The positive dynamics has been identified and the involvement of readers who spend more time on the site," - said the chief editor of the site Kirill Kiryanov. Among the record highs in February also updated the highs for the year on page views, unique visitors to the resource (March 2014) and the proportion of visits from mobile devices, which in February 2015 accounted for almost one-third of the total number of visits to the site. In this case, most of the "mobile" user visits a site with tablet PCs.

By the end of 2014 MIA "Russia Today" topped the list of most cited social networking media. Information media group, According to the "Medialogia" company social network users "share" more than 7 million times, ensuring MIA "Russia Today" advantage over the competition by more than two and a half times.