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Printed media on the verge of extinction

The vast majority of the leading publications recorded a significant decline in circulation. "Arguments and Facts" reduced circulation by 5%, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" by 8%, and the famous tabloid "Life" immediately fell by 28%, resulting in data for Q3 2014 Bureau of Circulation Audit ABC.

Circulations popular glossy magazines also show decline – Men’s health loses 14%, Maxim 11%, and even Cosmopolitan record a decline of 2% .Traditionally is believed that the increase in circulation is caused by leaving the reader to the Internet, but now is not the main reason for the "extinction" of printed materials.

"The narrowing of the advertising market, problems with distribution by mail, destroying stalls - under the circumstances to publish a newspaper in its current form would be impossible in two months," - said at a round table of heads of regional media editor in chief of "Novaya Gazeta" Dmitry Muratov.If we add here significantly higher prices for paper, as we wrote earlier and rising prices of printing, the situation is altogether disastrous. "Our coated paper prices were increased by 50-60%, newspaper’s also expensive, but not as fast - by 10-15%" - explains the president of the Guild of Press Publishers Sergei Moiseyev.


Print becomes more expensive by 10-15% - its value includes the prices of the plates, paint and chemicals, most of them are of imported origin. And respectively, purchased for the currency. Distribution costs and media delivery are growing too. Last year the government deprived the "Russian Post" from subsidies for the delivery of newspapers and magazines. Previously allocated 3 billion roubles annually for this purpose, now it's only a few million. The fall in subscriptions has now reached 20%.But by subscription covers only a quarter of newspaper and magazine circulations, the rest goes through retail outlets. Here the main problem - it's low profitability of newsstands, which are the main distributors of the press. A lot of the stalls are closed, no one wants to go to the small booth keepers' salaries.